Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yah just got paid!

alright just got paid i b-e-a-utiful 2k. a little less actually, $1909. i wonder where the $91 went to?? what, public holidays so they deduct from my pay? a bit ridiculous. or maybe i took 1 day MC? ah.. who cares. hehz. not exactly the salary that i should be drawing yet, n i'm still gonna get only 2k for the month of may, so only after i come back from Hong Kong will i start drawing my proper salary. hehz, can't wait to be in the abundant zone!

think i can start to plan for my savings n stuff, my bank only has like, what, $600 in it now? problem is, i'm too big a spender on taxi fare! hahaha.. but then again i'd rather take cab so i can save more time, since time is money, i can get more things done with the same amt of time.

thats why i don't like travelling long distances on mrt. i've decided the place where i'm gonna stay, will be within a certain mrt station distance from raffles place. to the north, Yishun MRT, for the NEL is Hougang or Kovan i think, and for the east, the furthest i'll stay is paya lebar, and for the west, erm.. lets just say i don't like the west area. maybe tiong bahru area, thats it. no way am i going to stay in super far ulu pandan areas like sengkang or bukit panjang or whatever. anything with LRT is OUT! can't stand the LRT, super slow moving n so small.

but basically i am aiming for these areas: bishan, yishun, khatib, serangoon. maybe i will consider sembawang if the flat is large enough and convenient enough, though that place is really far from town!

taking over a large chunk of files from my colleague seeping who is leaving the firm, last day on friday, should i get her a card or present? hahaha.. she has helped me in several matters. i guess i should thank her in some way.

oh just celebrated my boss's secretary's birthday. he's like, what, older than my dad liao? maybe late 50s? claims he wanna retire in a few years. i think if he retire the other secretary will die. hahaha... not bad lah, still got cakes and old chunky to eat. now preparing to leave office soon to meet Joan for dinner, then gonna meet clarence later at night.

still not sure if should go for the cg outing tml. sian to go for makeup cg, but at the same time, i wanna sleep in tml morning! ah.. let's just see if my alarm wakes me up or not. i intend to sleep until 12.30 pm at the least. haha!

looking forward to the SF gathering on sunday evening! hopefully all goes well, everything ends by 9.30 pm, everyone helps me clear up (i usually end up cleaning up myself with 1 or 2 helpful pple while the rest rush home, esp on a sunday night!) and i'll have lots of nice photos taken with the SF gang!

*reminder to self - drop the cheque at POSB before u meet Joan!!!*


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