Friday, December 19, 2008

3.30 pm on a friday afternoon!

Alright, just about another 2.5 hours to go before 6 pm, until the weekend of parties arrive! woot!

Today is the first time i'm wearing jeans to office, its feels so good! And the shoes, much better than the working boring leather shoes (which are a tad too big for my feet)! Feels kinda relaxing today, plus my boss is on the plane to australia, and my big boss has not come back from his overseas business trip, the only "senior" partner in office today is Yvonne (big boss' wife) and she only came in after lunch, n she'll probably leave around 5 pm or so. what a good life man!

Anyway I didn't really do much today either, just read some agreements and edited some documents and sent a few emails. Basically spent about an hour or so surfing facebok, and after lunch another hour or so writing Christmas cards, in fact i still got about 10+ cards to write, but i'm actually tired of writing Christmas messages, so taking a break to chill by blogging.

Anyway, here's the plan for the long weekend!

Tonight at 6 pm - go for a drink with colleagues
7.30 pm - Julia's party
10/11 pm - Strike Force outing at mecure hotel
Saturday 1 pm - primary sch gathering
8 pm - SF prac at JC
Sunday evening - SF gig or Lawry's Prime Ribs dinner! Posh place, woot!

Last night also really enjoyed myself spending time with Joan, just catching a simple dinner, then buying pillow, then watching Yes Man, the romantic comedy starring Jim Carey. Really funny and feel good kind of movie, Joan n i loved it.

The end of 2008 is drawing near, perhaps I should reflect on what I've done in the past year of my life and set some goals for 2009. Maybe in another post! LOL!


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