Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I never get around to finishing my stories.. haha..

I just realise that i'm stuck again.. no more creative juice or energy to complete my space marines story featuring the strikeforce members. perhaps thats becos i've introduced too many characters for a proper focus on the main storyline, and plus i've actually forgotten how i wanted to end the story cos i didn't write the main idea down on a piece of paper! hahaha..

anyway, happy 21st birthday to a sweet ex-RGS girl from the Strikeforce! will be getting a belated present for her, cos Joan reminded me to get it! =P how can i not give a friend a present on the 21st birthday! thats like the most important birthday ever. hahaha..

anyway puikwan's sick today and on MC (i think both of us take MC on alternate weeks! haha..) n i've to cover her duties n correspond with her clients today. not too difficult, fortunately, as i've dealth with those clients before, n they're really nice.

seriously, puikwan and i are quite scarily alike in many ways, we r late for work on the same days, we have the same skin problem, even fall sick on the same day once (haha, both of us took MC on the same day, imagine that), we both love to talk about movies and shopping, n we value friendship above material wealth, n we're both born in october! she always likes to say that i'm her long lost brother, and i must admit, she really is like a little sister to me rather than a colleague. i have to take care of her by teaching her how to talk to some unreasonable clients, have to comfort her cos she will cry when very stressed or get scolding from client, and she often corrects many mistakes which i overlook in my work, or point out inconsistencies and errors which i can't handle, so i think we make a pretty good working team! honestly i'm really thankful that God place such friends in my life, Puikwan, Hongyee and even Shuhon, to help me in my work n make life bearable in the miserable office. =P i know that even if i leave DLP or if any of them leave the firm to greener pastures, our friendship will remain.

Joan's exams are coming n she's spending a heck of a lot of time studying n studying n studying.. and i'm surprised she doesn't feel stressed cos i feel stress just looking at her notes and seeing her struggle with her work! there's times when i really wanna watch a movie, or go somewhere nice to eat dinner n have a romantic night out, the last time we really went out on a date was when i gave her Mr Balloon (hahaha, its still floating after a month!) and we had a nice lunch at manhattan fish market n watched the Watchmen.. since then, all we've ever done together is sit down n study. or rather, she studies, i teach her or attempt to try to teach her cos my memory of basic law is so bad, or she studies n i play computer games or read books.. sure, its spending time together, but its not quality time.. i don't like it when she's distracted n worried about the exams, n how she's having fun studying with her friends n sch, n i seem to be play such a small part of her life, i can't do much except accompany her to study.. sigh.. i just hope after her exams she'll be free enough for us to go out on proper dates, shopping trips, maybe even a short day trip to pulau ubin or sentosa, or maybe overnight stay at bintan.. i dunno, anyting just to get out of the mundance activities of everyday life.

really feel like going out with friends, but pple are jus too busy with their own lives.. the SF pple r busy with trainings n gigs which i can't play in cos i'm working till 7 pm everyday, my cg members, well, i don't even bother going out with them cos i don't click with them at all, my ex-cg members, some in army, some working, i really wonder who's free to accompany me for a short meal n maybe a drink to chill out or something.. after becoming a working adult, my circle of friends have shrunk so much. not that i don't have friends, but i don't spend time going out with them as much as i'd like.


Blogger Bowen Tay said...

I'm sure your Joan and your friends appreciate the quality of the time you spend with them, I know I do! =)

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