Friday, August 26, 2005

End of Days 5 - Story unfolds

Meanwhile, back at the basement of the church, where everyone thought it was safe...

"Hold her down!!" yelled Pastor Charmaine. Burly Shawn Connery and Lionhartz pinned the woman down as she screamed and spit saliva, as if possessed. Meryl shivered. This was the 10th case of insanity in the hour.. or is it simply just insanity? Where they being possessed?? Worse still, were they changing into something.. not human anymore??

The rabid woman strained her neck and tried to bite Shawn, ripping his long sleeve with her jaws. "Hey that shirt is expensive!" moaned Shawn. Trying to crack a joke in the midst of dire situations was his specialty.. Along with being a combat medic. He inserted a huge injection into her arm to sedate her, and within a few minutes the woman's eyes were half closed, and although she still snarled and groaned, her body became limp and unactive. Still it was disturbing. A normal human would have been knocked unconscious by the huge dosage of anaesthetic within seconds! But the woman was still trying to struggle against it!

"AARRGGHH!" a man was knocked flying into the air, as a skinny guy went crazy and started attacking people, seeming to suddenly possess inhuman strength! He bared his teeth and snarled like a fierce beast! People backed away hurriedly, while Rachel and Meryl wasted no time and brought a fire-extinguisher onto the back of his head. It connected with his skull with a sickening thud, but still the guy merely shrugged it off, and blood streaming down his face, turned around and roared! He grabbed Rachel and she screamed, his mouth opening to take a bite out her.. (A bite??! What on earth is happening!! Meryl was frozen in fear.)


A bullet hole appeared right in the middle of the man's forehead, and he collasped to the ground. Rachel was crying in shock and Meryl comforted her, while the crowd of survivors turned to see who fired the gun.

Samuel Wolfwood had returned with Clarence and Kenneth. Outside, 4 dogs lay sprawled on the floor of the lobby, riddled with bullet holes. The transformation had already taken place, and Wolfwood would leave nothing to chance. The 3 of them walked down the stairway and began firing at anyone who expressed pain at the temple or who was glaring savagely at them. Kenneth put a hole between the rabid woman's eyes, when Pastor Charmaine shouted, "Are you all insane!! Stop this slaughter at once!!"

Wolfwood looked sorrowfully at her. "We're sorry, but this has to be done. Listen to this!" He switched on the television on the main LCD screen.

"... disable them is to severely damage the brain. Anyone who is attacked should immediately seek medical treatment within an hour. Doctors and specialists believe that the shockwave emitted sound waves similar to our nerve patterns, thus affecting certain people, causing them to lose control of their consciousness and engage in survival behaviour of seeking out food. Anyone who exhibits symptoms of painful headaches, extreme hunger pangs, and violent tendencies, please report to the nearest hospital.."

Click! Wolfwood switched the channel.

"...reporting live from Bishan. Hordes of gangsters have caused social unrest, attacking every citizen they see, apparently biting and eating him! This cannibalistic symdrome is believed to be brought about by the magnetic shockwave which devastated much of the world earlier.. oh my gosh!!
Blam! Blam!
Police have begun opening fire at the gangsters, and yet they seem to have not much effect!
Blam blam blam!! RRoooaaarrrr!!!
We have to evacuate the scene! Once again, this is Grace Lim, reporting live from.."


"Now you see?" Wolfwood said. "We have no choice, its either them or us. They've become nothing more than animals, no, worse than that... they've become.. zombies."

The whole hall of people were stunned. It seemed like a bad movie, it all seemed so surreal. And yet here lay people dead from shots in the head, who has attacked them mere minutes ago. It was really happening, and they were all powerless to stop it.

Meryl had only one thought, oh no, where is Vash and the rest of our friends?


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