Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Starting to write stories again! Haha!

Haven't been releasing my creative juices for such a long time, i feel so stiff when writing! haha.. just trying my hand at some stories, hope its interesting enuff for u guys to read! hehz...

End of Days (Part 1)

Vash had just finished typing in another blog entry. He sat in front of his computer, starring into space, wondering if life was as mundane as it seemed to be. Day in day out, his only source of entertainment being the wonderful PC. Most of the day was spent mugging stacks of notes, attending boring lectures, or trying to teach bratty students who somehow refused to study for their exams. Weekends were spent going out with friends, catching a movie, jamming on his keyboard, or breaking at the Esplanade. Yeah sure, it seemed a cool life at the beginning, but even the most exciting breakig moves began to bore him. Movies were too expensive, especially with the price hike. Again! How he wished he could give those cinema owners a knuckle-sandwich or two. Or three. There was only one person whom he really cared about and looked forward to meeting every once in awhile. Meryl Destiny - the girl who couldn't stand him one bit at the beginning. They literally couldn't stop quarrelling and often ended up not talking for days at a time. But ever since that special night at the recording of a song, in Vash's car, things changed dramatically. Yet Meryl's commitment to her job and studies gave her little time to worry about "insignificant things" like BGR. Or so she claimed.

But their lives were about to change, and not just their lives, but the lives of the 4 million people living in Singapore, and probably also the 6 billion people living on planet earth

Chapter 1: The Shock

"What is the difference between hearsay and actual evidence.. Hmm.." pondered Vash, as he struggled with his tutorial in the dead of the night. It was about 2 a.m. in the morning, and it was due the next day. He was blasting his IPod to the music of Linkin Park to keep himself awake, when suddenly, the IPod went berzerk and started playing rubbish!

"What the..!" The computer screen flickered once. Then continued flickering and buzzing sounds came from the CPU. The lights in his room were going on and off crazily.

Vash glanced out his window and saw that it was happening all across the city.

His neighbours were awake, shouting at someone to cut the power, while hundreds of lights flashed on and off, even the streetlamps. Along the road, the screeching of car tires and the hair-splitting crash of cars could be heard, as vehicles reared out of control. "Oh crap!!" Vash gaped in horror as a huge fuel truck overturned and skidded right into a row of houses.

Kaboom!! The explosion rocked the neighbourhood, as hundred of people were now fully awake, some shouting, some crying, some running around frantically trying to get help.

"What is going on??" Vash exclaimed. He tried switching on his TV and radio to the news channels, and finally got a signal on the TV. "Remind me never to stay up this late doing homework again!" He sighed as he increased the volume to hear the news caster announce:

Please stay calm and do not *buzz!!* *flicker* panic! Scientist believe that a surge at the magnetic core of the earth is causing *buzzzz!* magnetic impulses *buzz! buzz!* giant shockwaves disrupting all electric equip-*buzz!! flicker* Stay in your homes and do not attempt to operate any electric components, like cars, machines *buzzz* microwaves.. * flicker*


Vash had heard enough. The best thing to do now was to sit and wait until the chaos was over. Screams pierced the night as another explosion ripped a house into two. Fire raged uncontrolled as the fire engines were stalled.

"I can't just sit here! I'm got to find Meryl!" Vash sat up with a shock. He grabbed his car keys and dashed to the carpark. He thought about it for a split second, then opened his drawer and pulled out a dusty dessert eagle. A .357 caliber handgun with 7 bullets which could pierce through the toughest armour. What did he need that for? "Just in case.."he mumbled as he raced down the stairs, and went to the carpark.


Meryl was fast asleep when it all happened. In fact, she would have slept through the whole ordeal if it wasn't for the crane that went berzerk at the construction site opposite her house. It released a ton of bricks on the containers where hundreds of construction workers lived!

Crash!! The thunderous sound of brick against metal was so loud, Meryl was forced to wake up.

"What was that??"

"Meow! Meow!" her cat Cammy seemed to be panicking and meowing loudly, scratching at the door as if saying "we got to get out of here!"

"Come here, you.." Meryl moved her cat away and looked at the clock. 2.15 am. Who was making such a raquet! She then realised her neighbours were all awake as well, lights flashing on and off on the streets like some kind of delirious defunct disco.

"Woof! Woof!" "WWWeeee-oooowwww...!" Animals were crying out, as car sirens went off, all without warning, scaring Meryl half to death in her fear-striken state. Outside her door, she could hear people's footsteps running about, talking frantically about hiding in a safe place. She instinctively picked up her cell phone to call Vash.

"Hello..?" No dial tone. Even the phone lines were dead. What could she do now? She tried to switch on the TV, but after a few sparks, nothing happened. "Cammy... what should we do?"

Knock knock knock! "Meryl!! Are you there?" A familiar voice shouted from the corridor outside her house. She flung open the door and gave Vash a hug. Oh no, she noticed his clothes were dirty with dust and soot. What was happening out there? Vash quickly took her hand and spoke in a gruff voice, "Quick, pack whatever you need for at least a week, I'm taking you to somewhere safe!" She stammered, "but.. what's going on..? but.." "Now's not the time for questions! We gotta go!" Vash cut her off and started throwing her stuff into a bag, perspiration dripping down his forehead, soaking his entire back.

"Alright! Let me get my things!" Meryl quickly threw in some of her stuff, and took out a box from under her bed, a rusty metal box her father left her. "Ok let's go!"

They ran down the steps to Vash's car. Vash silently thanked God that his car didn't run on fuel and electricity, but was solar powered in the day and hydro powered in the night. They both jumped in, and Vash drove off, trying to ignore the dozens of people screaming as fires broke out and car crashed and explosions rocked the otherwise peaceful streets of Toa Payoh.


"Help me!! Somebody!!" Rachel Thompson screamed in fear, as the thugs ganged up on her. One of them had a knife. He spoke in a sickening voice, "Nobody's gonna hear you! Look at them, running around panicking! We're gonna rob all of them one by one, starting with you! Hahaha! Now handover your money, little girl!" "heh heh heh..." his minions sniggered devilishly behind their boss.

"Oh, i heard her, loud and clear. Don't you know the Bible says thou shall not steal?" A deep voice spoke.

"Eh??" The gangsters turned around to see a priest dressed in a dark blue suit, carrying a huge cross on his back.

"Well, seems that we have the company of a priest! Hahaha! tell me, don't you have to turn the other cheek when i punch you in the guts!!" the leader threw his right fist at the stomach of the priest, but suddenly his grin disappeared and his eyes almost popped out his fear. "Not when dealing with scum like you!" The priest bellowed, and cracked the arm of the gangster with his giant cross!

"Let's get him!!" The other 3 gangsters whipped out their arsenal of knives and handguns. They all flew back as the priest swung the cross around, whacking their faces, then let the cross impale into a hand carrying a pistol. "ARGHH!!!" the thug yelled out in pain.

"Now get the hell out of here, before I stop being nice."

"Y..y..yess sir!!" The terrified gangsters scrambled away, one of them even wet his pants.

The mysterious priest sighed. He had promised to do God's work, as much as he hated causing pain to people, even to those who deserved it. He mumbled a prayer for their salvation as he helped the girl up.

Rachel looked at him with awe-struck eyes. "Thank.. you. Mr..?"

"You can call me Samuel. Samuel D. Wolfwood. We better get to somewhere safe until this whole thing settles down.." He smiled handsomely at her, then grabbed the cross and heaved it onto his back. "Erm.. but the problem is, I don't know where to go.." He grinned abashedly at Rachel.

Screech!! Beep beep! "Hey Wolfwood! Want a ride?"

Wolfwood's grin widened. Just a blessing to have his best friend appear at a time like this! "Come on!" he gently grasped Rachel's hand and led her to Vash's car, not noticing the girl blush as her heart skipped a beat when this handsome priest took her hand.

"So how come your car still works fine when every other vehicle seems to be going out of control!" Samuel asked Vash, as he took out a cigarette.

"Aw come on! You said you'd quit last year!" Vash snatched the cigarette and threw it out of the window, as the car sped past more burning buildings and collided cars. "I hope you've packed what we need.. Things are really grim.."

"Tell me about it..." Wolfwood replied as he glanced at the chaos and destruction along the streets. He held his giant cross close as always, and even gently stroked it. ".. but yeah, I have what we need, its all in this. You're heading to the church, aren't you?"

"Titanium clad, security fences, thick solid walls, and a bomb-shelter basement.. can't think of a better place." He took a sharp turn to avoid a falling lamppost. "Plus, the cafe serves great food."

To be continued.


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