Wednesday, August 10, 2005

CG steamboat n fireworks at marina sqaure n supper at lau pa sat!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Oh wow! What a long long time since i last posted here! So many things have happened, the FOP, 16th anniversary, cell group steam boat, NUS orientation, National Day, etc!! So many exciting events have happened, n yet i did something wrong in the last 24 hours again... sighz.. dunno why but it always seems i have to struggle in this area..

It all started with a very bad nightmare in the morning, or rather afternoon around 12.30 pm or so.. We had a huuge quarrel, n were both so hurt n with tears in our eyes glaring at each other, then i threw down my guitar n apologised.. then i woke up with a very painful feeling in my heart, tears soaking my pillow..

I think its getting late.. i shall resume blogging another day, too much stuff to do now anyway..

Nitez God.. I'm sorry for the wrong things i've done, i just couldn't take it any longer, You know what i mean? Please forgive me...

In Jesus name,


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