Friday, September 16, 2005

its been a WHOLE year!

just realised that i started blogging in sept 2004, so its almost a whole year since i began blogging! lolz! happy blogger birthday! hahahaha....

just came home from strikeforce meeting.. God, it was so fun! i mean, i really enjoy spending time with my fellow strikeforce members, i love them all, n i feel so accepted n can totally be myself with them!

can't wait for the osaka trip! really hope my rashes don't flare up in a foreign place! will pray for lots of healing n bring lots of medication there just in case!

i'm pretty tired.. n to be honest, kind of lonely.. when i think of those times when i was together with someone.. kinda miss those moments.. haha, sentimental songs on the radio always get me nostalgic..



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