Friday, January 27, 2006

End of Days 11 - New levels, new devils


Before Turtle could notice what was happening, a giant blue fireball flew out of nowhere and struck the lizard-like creature, burning it up into ashes almost immediately-but it didn't stop there, the blue fireball blazed on, killing more monsters behind the first monstrousity, until there were about 5 huge piles of ash in the corridor, and one big melted chunk of solid brick wall. Who knows how much more power was in the blast!

"Doh! You interfering !@#$!! I was just about to kill the thing!! Don't steal my frags!" A confident Turtle didn't show the least bit of thanks, but he knew that Bourne Kiatz had saved his life with his Big Fat Gun!

"Glad we got here just in the nic of time!" Swen King grinned as Bourne lowered his smoking weapon. "But what the heck was that thing?!? How did it get here and what was it after??"

Vash wiped the beads of perspiration of his forehead. "I don't know, but I think I may know who has the answers... Come on, we've got to get back to base.. oh and thanks. Sorry for being such an arrogant fool earlier. We do need to stick together.."

"Hey don't sweat it. Just covering your back, like you did for me many times." Swen turned the jeep around and drove off, the mech-warrior marching just behind it.


Meanwhile, Jiacholate and Wolfwood were faced with a problem. Shoot the zombies and wait till later to rescue the survivors and support the unstable structures? Or keep working on stabilizing the support and let the zombies get closer to them? Afterall, they were just mindless freaks with zero intelligence.. or were they?

Wolfwood decided. "Jiacholate, keep working on building a support and removing the rubble. I'll guard your back and keep those pesky things away."

"No problem. Just make sure they don't come too close.."

WWhhhrrrrll.... Ratatatatatatattt!!! RATATATATAtATATTTT!!!!

The chain machine guns kicked into gear and Wolfwood began to decapitate and destroy without a moment's hesitation. Bullets razed the surrounding, killing zombies, blasting up trees and eliminating all forms of resistance. Unfortunately, Shashi, Mikki and Small Ken did not have the luxury of heavy fire power in the dark corridors of the basements.


"AAARRRRGGHHHHH!!" "Get away from meeee!!!"

The screams and cries grew even louder as Shashi led Mikki and Small Ken through a series of dark passageways. Since the new HDB flats began to have underground units, people assumed they were bomb shelters in war time as well. The smart ones quickly ran in the moment the great power surge occured. But now, they were faced with worse problems than bad wiring..

The 3 rescuers walked close together, only 2 of them having a flashlight fixed to their weapon. Shashi held in both hands sub-machine guns, Mac-10, but he was smart enough to use a L-torch clipped to his vest.

"THERE!!" yelled Shashi as he opened fire simultaneously. Bright flashes of light filled the passageway as Shashi gunned down 2 zombies which were clambering up the stairs. They seemed not to be attacking him, but running from something.

ROARrrrRR!! Apparently there was something bigger than zombies down there.

Nevertheless, the brave trio charged down into the unknown darkness, the cries of human survivors edging them on. Blasting zombies was easy enough. But now, turning a corner in the direction of the terrified screams, they came face to face with a huge lizard-like creature which almost devoured Turtle just seconds earlier. The greenish eyes of the monster looked at them with contempt, and it showed its rows of huge sharp teeth while growling in a low pitch, getting ready to attack!

"Split up!" Mikki yelled, pumping two shots into the thick hide of the monster, as Small Ken ran to her left, spraying a few bullets at the beast, and Shashi ran to the right, firing in short bursts. Mikki bravely ran forward, charging the monster on her own! Huge jaws opened up ready to make a Mikki-meal, when she suddenly lunged to the left, and fired a big fat pellet into the monster's eye!

RROOOAAARRRR!!!! The monster was now enraged and snapped its jaws around blindly, its huge tail thumping from side to side, knocking furniture and brick walls aside!

"Yeah open up wide and say cheese!!" Small Ken found the weak spot of the monster - its fleshy mouth. As the beast roared again, he lobbed a grenade into its mouth and jumped for cover.

Boom! A muted explosion could be heard and the body of the monster was deflated, as thousands of ball bearings pierced through it.

"Oh wow!" The survivors had actually stopped screaming and stared in awe at their rescuers. It must've been a proud moment for the trio. But it was short-lived as their walkie-talkie crackled. "Guys! We're surrounding by zombies! Get up here and hurry!!" bbzzzt!


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