Saturday, January 14, 2006

just started RO

oh man..

can't believe it.. watched The Heirloom on thurs n it was a super boring, waste of money, lame movie! oh my goodness, i can't believe i wasted money on that show! thats TWO lousy shows in a row, the chinese tall story n now the heirloom! thats it, NO MORE chinese movies for me!

dunno why but chinese movies can never appeal to me. the acting n costumes n special effects suck so bad. they should just have a warning label on chinese movies: watch only if u have money to waste n time to kill.

RO is strangely addictive. hahaha.. can make friends with other gamers, party with strangers, even start dating n get married online, as far as i've heard! got announcement of who n who is getting married every now n then! lolz! now level 51 liao, i wonder how high can i get... probably get till around 60 then stop playing liao, time to get serious about school n strikeforce n other more important stuffz.. lolz.


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