Saturday, December 31, 2005

Zone appreciation 2006

Dear Lord,

Hi, its me again. Its been quite a while since i last wrote a prayer to You. Been really busy with lots of things this past week, but still nothing really compares to feeling Your presence, worshipping You in spirit n in truth, praying n talking to You, knowing Your love and faith in me. That really helps me go thru everyday, knowing that You gave Your life for me, what more can I ask from You that is too precious? Evrything i need, everything i have, belongs to You and You alone.

Thank You for a wonderful time of praise and worship tonight! it was really one of the best sessions for zone meetings we ever had! despite my problems n fears n sins, You came through for me. You moved my fingers, touched my heart, flowed with me. Thank You Holy Spirit, i know i'm not worthy of You moving in my life becos of what i've done, all the sins, making me unclean n dirty before a holy righteous God.. Yet, Jesus came not to call the godly and righteous, but the sinners to eat at His table, to dine n fellowship with Him. Thank You Lord.. for showing me You still care, for showing me that everything i've done isn't in vain.

I know i deserved the terrible results for my studies. a D and a C+ is really probably the worst results ever for the entire law community.

Oops, new friend wants to talk, gotta go, BRB.


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