Monday, December 05, 2005

mere minutes before i leave for shanghai!

dear Lord,

first of all, sorry for all the mistakes i've made in the past few days, i just had trouble controlling my tongue, my temper n my actions.. sometimes i'm a bit impulsive n quick to judge.. i really wanna repent n change my ways Lord, please help me control myself more, especially at shanghai, n to be more tolerant of pple..

but of cos, thank You so much for this opportunity to perform for You once again!


Blogger Mikki said...

Jia you, everything comes from the heart, keep pushing on to gain the excellence in ministry one day. It will come, if ur heart desire. Gonna stand strong as a cell group to support and cover for another, believing a break thru in our cg, every members will be filled with the passion to win the lost, and willing to take discipleship from the leader. Last Expo is waiting for u.... Expolujah...

4:09 PM


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