Monday, November 07, 2005

yupz its the latter.

in response to your surprisingly quick comments... (ok this is dumb i dun know when u're gonna read this, but anyway i can't sleep again, as usual..)

yes at the pre-U sem, u did do the latter. n why did it matter to me? cos i had an awful huge crush on u way back then, which i'm totally surprised u don't remember. what u did on that last day.. meant a lot to me, n i was talking to my buddies in sch about it for weeks. =P oh well, guess it wasn't such a big deal to u. afterall, u had 3 guys (i.e. jake, david, me) who hit on u at the pre-U sem. i even remember u had david call me to try to force a "confession" out of me, cos i played dumb all along.. if u can't remember, i'll tell u more when we meet up yeah.

and as for joining AA, well one of my new year resolutions is gonna be to keep tabs on yr drinking habits.. i suppose this is somehow related to the "sinful" things u've been trying to abstain from, aside from clubbing. hey u r in charge of 120 sec sch kids in yr church, so do the right thing yeah.. stop feeling guilty bout doing the wrong things, stop doing them n do the right things instead. i always get so tempted to club n drink n smoke n stuff, but in the end, i still don't. in frustration, i play counterstrike, or log on to MSN n complain, or complain on my blog. haha.. not exactly a wonderful alternative, but a lesser of 2 evils?

i am so looking fwd to emily rose, i think its a miracle u agreed to a horror show, haha! but if after the movie u wanna get all intellectual n analytical about the content.. well, dun need to think so much, just sit back relax n enjoy the story (however whimsical it may be). n a ski mask? what're u, the new friday the 13th serial killer? haha...



Blogger Lena said...

heh.. i prob did not remember my dear becoz u HAD A GF then.. it wld be bad of me to be harbouring crushes of you then wldnt it?

you guys have always been my best buddies and i am glad i am still in contact with you guys.. (well at least 2 outa 3) i bring back fond memories of pre u sem though it seems my fond memories are not as vivid as yours.. i rem entering the central lib in NUS frantically trying to find books about stimulating a child's learning..

as for AA, well, i was joking! my parents drink tons of wine too.. n they believe that you shld not stop your child from drinking since eventually she wld start drinking and why not educate her now and let her know her alcohol tolerance level and build it up so she does not get bullied when she goes clubbing.. yup.. but i sure must know my limits and not venture into the bad..

as for emily rose.. i am very scared of horrors lar! my bed faces the toilet and sometimes i wld envision someone looking at me behind my toilet door..

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