Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thanks for a great nite.. The Legend of Zorro lives on..

Hi miss L!

I jus wanna dedicate a small entry to this wonderful fren who has always been reading my blog n feeling the pain n sadness n joy n stuff, this person whom i've known since i was 18.

wasn't it funny how we met? at the pre-u sem way back in 2000. yup, the michaelangelo pics r still in my folder, esp the one we took by the stairs on the second last nite. i still remember what happened on the very last day, after i shook hands with my whole team, you were the last person i turned to bid farewell, yet u gave me something i least expected.. i don't even think u knew what u were doing at that time right? hahaha.. there was this whole confusion thingy with david n jake too, haha..

So u better remember the promise alright? when we're 40? hahaha..

i was pretty shacked out by the time u smsed me, but oh well, since this is like the 1st time u actually asked me for a show, n the last time i played u out, i sort of felt i owed u a show. but thanks for paying for me, by the way! haha..

actually i didn't really enjoy the show so much as the conversations with u, in the car, at starbucks, n on the way home.. its rare that i find a person whom i can talk to at my level, who actually uses words like "impertious" and "perpetual", who catches my puns n cheesey jokes, who talks about 101 things within 5 minutes. haha.. cos its like, with my other frens, they usually dun get my "american"-style humour, cos they're too used to low class slap stick local humour... i call it toilet bowl humour, for want of a better name. hehz..

we gotta get together more often yeah? u're gonna get a real job so soon, i'm still studying for another 1.5 years, but nevertheless, the ties that bind r still strong.. our relationship with God is always a drawing factor. let's always encourage each other in our walk with Him alright? yeah, we have our differences in opinion, but we still serve the same God.

totally enjoyed the time spent wif u. emily rose next week alright? weekday show, my treat, its cheaper. haha!

thanks for being a great fren.



Blogger Lena said...

Hey WW, are you sure you are talking about me? For a minute i thought you were dedicating this entry to someone else...

what is impertious or impervious? are you sure i used tt word? must have slipped out of my fuzzy little mind.. i was a little intoxicated last night to remember..

What did i give you on our last night of pre-u sem? good memories to last a lifetime? a lipstick stain? a whiff of my awful BO?? a hug??

it cld be the latter though its weird you have a better memory than i do..what confusion with jake and david? huh? huh? huh?

well.. thanks for rising to the occasion at my last min request to humour me..

thank you for the starbucks vintage 2005 milo broth.. i still prefer my domaine gallety vintage 1999 Côtes du Vivarais Récolte i left at home though.. after i grad, you wld be able to find me at alcoholics anonymous..

remind me about emily rose ok.. i gotta remember to bring a ski mask.. i am not used to horror movies but i wanted to watch this one due to the catholic church acknowledgement.

10:02 PM


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