Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh Lord, I'm gonna spend each and every waking moment with You...

dear heavenly Father,

its been too long since i came before You without any huge burdens, without any complaints, without any bitterness, without any requests or prayer lists, without any motives to ask for things, without any urgent situation, without bad feelings, without a clock ticking beside me reminding me of the time i have left for my exams.. because its the end of my exams!!

hallelujah, praise the Lord!

i know its silly, but i'm really glad that the exams are over! i feel so free, freed up to serve You, to spend time with You, to shepard Your people, to do what You've really called me to do! to find out for myself, a spiritual journey over the next few weeks, spending a lot of time with You alone, reading Your word, praying in the spirit, worshipping, praising You, spending time with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.. thats what i want to spend my holidays doing. sure, a job would be good to provide the extra income i need to fulfil the building fund, but i don't feel that what i need to do is work.. afterall, i'll be spending more than half my life working in the very near future, so i want to make sure that i really spend my time really wisely now..

so many things that i need to do, Lord please guide me n show me Your will so that i can walk right in the middle of it, doing the right things at the right time, with the right people, with you beside me all the way.. i don't ever want to wander out of Your sanctuary every again.. i want to come back to the heart of worship, of fellowship with a holy God.

meeting so many obstacles and problems and people and opportunities and other things in my life has really distracted me from You. nothing should ever replace my quiet time, the time which i spend with You and You alone, set apart from every other thing in my life, to devote quality time of my life to You, so that You can really talk to me, tell me the deep things of Your heart, inspire me to write the best songs for You, to write the best sermons for You, to do the best that i can with the limited time n resources that i have.. with man it may be impossible, but with God, nothing is impossible! and if my God is for me, who can be against me? who can stand against the mighty will of God?

time for me to sleep soon, i want to really deepen my relationship with You, and establish a close friendship with the Holy Spirit, a oneness with Him, that i cannot live without Him by my side, that no word that comes from my mouth will ever defile You, no action or movement will ever be against Your will, no decision will be made in folly of flesh, but every word i say will be inspired by the Holy Spirit, every decision i make will be one guided by Your Word, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that every single day i live i want to live for You, to truly be able to be a history maker, like in the song.. to just run into Your arms everynight when the going gets too tough, trusting that inspite of all that is happening, You are always there for me, You are always going to be there...!

i pray that You really help me use my holidays to the fullest, to expand Your kingdom, to grow the church and the ministries, to rise up more disciples in the cell group, to bring my family and friends to Christ, to be a better person, but most of all, to change my heart to be more and more like Jesus Christ each day, walking closer and closer to the One who loved me so much He went to the cross to die for me.. thank You Jesus. for a wonderfully blessed year, no matter how many times i messed up, i now realise You are always there, to correct me, love me and bless me again, no matter how many times i mess up, You never blamed or condemned me, but You understood me and encouraged me, sent people into my life to lift me up, sent Your Word to bless me, give me strength to carry on, and press thru.. thank You so much for a great year Lord.. i know many many times i've let You down, but i truly sincerely want to say to You from the bottom of my heart, that I love You.

Jesus i love You and always will. I will serve You till the end of my days, no matter what happens, give me the strength and the wisdom to do Your will for my life to the very last breath that i take.

In Jesus name, I pray


Blogger GodsFavDaughter said...

I was looking through my friend links and i read your blog also. i may not know you and you may not know me but i m encouraged but what you wrote. Its true that a truly born again person will sin. In fact all christians at times struggle with sin but the most inportant thing is that we do not gratify the desires of the sinfiul nature. I have messed up many times also but i know that God still loves me and desires me back and so at the end of the day i will turn back to Him. Of course God will discipline us for our error but its only for the purpose of teaching us to become more christlike. So do not detest corrections, its not that our leaders are angry with us but they do so to equip us and mould our character. You can do so much more just as long as you put God first from now on.

Remember that you are always Gods favourite child -( Heb 12 : 5-8 )-

3:00 AM

Blogger Mikki said...

Hello Jia you!!

11:38 PM


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