Friday, December 02, 2005

Joan's birthday just over, going for last service at Jurong tml, next week going Shanghai!!

Oh God, oh wow..

since the holidays began, its been nothing but activities one after another! its been really fun n "happening" so far, the birthday chalet was pretty fun, the worship session by the beach was quite cool, the running around in the park was funny, n i think we have got many new friends n backsliders coming back to church this weekend! woo hoo! i really pray that each n every single one of them keep their promises n come for the final service this weekend!

Gotta prepare for cell group later.. just read the newpaper about s'pore's "hottest blogger" who posts photos of herself on her blog for pple to see. i was like, oh man, how much more vain can u get. how typical of pple to see things only from the outside. kinda grossed out by that. also about the super weird dream i had about getting into trouble for some funny thingy which wasn't exactly my fault, but in the end i decided to shoulder the blame for someone else's sake... i really wonder will i be able to take the heat if this really happens in real life!

anyway i'll update You on the happenings in my life.. the ups n downs of the holidays, n the immense feeling of excitement of moving to expo!

in Jesus name,


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