Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Strikeforce Appreciation Night!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

This is a dedication entry to the one and only ministry which has been to 2 countries and performed more than 50 times in the past one year, in and out of church!

I'm really so tired from all the activities and the practices and the actual dinner itself, with the games and fellowship and mini-drama and carolling and running around wishing pple merry xmas! But still i wanna record this night down.. really gonna miss the strikeforce when i move on to cell group ministry.. which may or may not be something that'll happen soon.. promised bro boon i'll stick around with the strikeforce for at least the next 2 years! haha!

the people i've met in the ministry.. bro boon, jennifer, justin, david, luke.. the leaders who have no training whatsoever, pushed to a leadership position too suddenly, but yet rose to the occasion n took the challenge. pple who took the mrt home with me after every practice... arthur, edwin, millie, peggie, darshun, etc.. pple who have been there since chingay 2004 n been great friends, despite their age... jeff, desmond, karl, irenus, shirley, chunhui... then there's the younger members, from the previous recruitment.. rallen, yongqiang, anthony, sarah, karen, kaili, cheryl.. then of cos the osaka pple!! yeah!! the most memorable trip i ever had in my life.. the osaka warriors! lingling, liting, jenny, andy, soo huei, etc... there's just so many pple in the SF who've really made an impact in my life, made it so much more colourful, so much more enjoyable, more fun, more noisy! hahaha... even those who've add some disagreement with, ian, alvin, etc.. they're all great guys! there's my previous team members, lydia, hongfang, joy, etc.. just too many to mention! bro boon was right... strikeforce is really a giant monster!! of pple fervent for God, serving Him in a dynamic new way! yeah...!

the carolling part was the most nervous thing for me.. the 1st time i ever led a praise session for over 60+ pple! it was really an exciting experience.. though i didn't really lead well cos i kept forgetting lyrics n had to read from the songsheet, nevertheless i really hoped everyone enjoyed the whole event. the games were fun, n the whole acting thing was hilarious! pple's trademarks have been immortalised by tonight's event! hahaha...

i wish i can be with the strikeforce forever... but soon i may have to leave the ministry to focus on cell group.. God, which is your calling for me? which ministry am i going to prosper in, bear the most fruits, n most importantly, to walk in Your will for me? please help me make the decision which is going to be so difficult for me... to leave the strikeforce, or choir? cos i know i cannot do so many things at once..

on top of everything.. yeah i admit a crush on her. but its nothing more than that, n it'll never amount to anything, so i'm just going to ignore it n forget about it. hahaha..

thanks for such an enjoyable night Lord! God is really good! Amen!!


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