Wednesday, December 14, 2005

End of Days 7 - Assembling of the remnants

Pastor Kong often told us that whenever God judges His people, He is always merciful and leaves a remnant behind. Throughout the old testament, whenever Israel rebelled against Him n His wrath fell upon them, His mercy still triumphed in the end n a remnant would be spared. Such is the fact of life, whenever disaster happens, the remnants will prevail.

Vash the Grifter, our hero of the hour, battling his inner demons which nobody but him knows.

Samuel Wolfwood his partner, a pastor by day, vigilante by night. Carries a giant cross wherever he goes.

Rachel Thomson and Meryl Destiny, their respective life partners, who have their fair share of secrets and skills yet to be revealed.

Lance Pak & his band of Hongkong traid members Inertia. At this point of time, nobody really knows if they're fighting on the side of good or evil, or they're just fighting for themselves, simply for the thrill of blood and massacre. Jiacholate and Jordon seemed to have gone rouge, but their intentions are yet to be seen as well.

Swen King, a recent addition to the ragtag group, also a computer n tech expert.

Bourne and Mikki, survivors of the devastating collasp. One a pro biker, the other a pro skater.

Shawn Connery and Lionhartz, cell leaders with the muscle n power of warriors.

Clarence Coffman and Kenneth Watanabe, previous members of Inertia, now committed to the side of good.

Small Ken, younger brother of Clarence.

Turtle Teo and Renee, a recently married loving couple thrown into this apocalyptic age at the end of their honeymoon.

Pastor Charmaine, dashingly beautiful but strict pastor of a local church, leader of Shawn Connery, Lionhartz, Samual Wolfwood and Vash the Grifter.

Finally, Wendy, damsel in distress.

And now, back to our story!


With Mikki and Bourne safe at last, Vash drove his by now very croweded Spyder off onto the highway and headed back to the titanium safehouse. Wendy was tending to their injuries, while Swen King made adjustments to his plasma gun, and Jiacholate had her finger on the GPMP, ever ready to kick into action.

As Vash sped along the eerily deserted highway, he thought to himself.. Who had told me that this would happen sometime ago? Didn't a friend warn me of such terrible things happening? Who was that guy? He must be some kind of prophet!.. wait a minute! Jeremiah! Just like in the Bible, Jeremiah the prophet!

Vash whipped out his handphone and dialled Jeremiah's number. No tone, the lines were down. No matter. He flipped a switch on the panel of his car, and a small screen came out of nowhere! Swen was amazed at the technology of the vehicle. "Contact Jeremiah." Vash spoke.

The computer responded. "Search initiated... Communications established."

Jeremiah came onto the screen! His face seemed to be in deep thought and worried, as drops of sweat dripped down his forehead. "Jerry!" Vash exclaimed. "Thank God you're alright!"

Jeremiah turned his head on the screen and smiled. "Not alright, but not too bad either. George and Shilpa are in the backseats, asleep. I'm headed to church now, you too i believe?"

"Yes.. have u managed to contact Lieutenant Ryan and Colonel Kevin? Alerted them about the situation on the surface??"

Jiacholate raised her eyebrow, as did Wendy. What were they babbling about? On the surface?

Jeremiah's face turned grim. "They know about the situation alright.. they were attacked at the underground facility. Kevin managed to escape, but Lieutenant Ryan.. the whole place was blown up in order to prevent the others to discover its location n the valuable technology we had in it.. Ryan volunteered to fight off the horde and detonate the sequence..."

"I see." Vash's face turned rock hard once again, his cheerful nature suddenly disappeared. Ryan had been a good soldier. At least he went down fighting. Still, he was thankful Colonel Kevin made it out, he would need all the help he could get now..

"Watch out!" Mikki screamed, as a lamppost suddenly swayed dangerously infront of the car and came crashing down as the Spyder sped toward it! Vash turned the wheel violently to the right to avoid the lamppost, sending everyone tumbling around in the backseat, and wendy was unfortunately thrown from her seat out the car window with a crash of glass! "AARHHH!!" she screamed.

"Nnnoooo!!" Vash jerked the car to a stop and everyone got out and ran to attend to Wendy. She was thrown some 10 meters ahead of the car. And to their dismay, numerous shadows began to emerge from the edges of the highway, moaning and groaning as they trudged toward the accident site.. They can smell our blood! Swen thought, as he clutched his plasma gun close to his chest.

"C'mon! back to the car!" shouted Vash as he and Bourne quickly lifted Wendy's bloodied body and ran toward the car.

RATATATATAT!! RATATATATAT!! Jiacholate once again provided the cover fire, taking down a few zombies that stumbled onto the road from the bushes. "Hurry up guys!"

But as they were getting into the car, suddenly a decayed hand grabbed Wendy's leg and dragged her out! A zombie monstrousity had actually hidden beneath the car! "ROARRRR!!" It bit into her leg before anyone could react! Wendy screamed out in pain, as Mikki kicked the zombie's face away desperately, and slammed the car door, severing the decayed hand!

"Dammit!!" Vash slammed his fists into the steering wheel as they sped off. He would have to "take care" of Wendy later on - she was bitten.

Jeremiah closed the screen when suddenly something slammed into the side of his car, rocking it! "What the..?"

A pack of rabid dogs and cats had blocked the road in front, their devilshly green and black eyes starring at the humans in the car as if their breakfast had arrived. Dogs and cats that were almost 1 meter long, and stood as tall as a small child. They had somehow mutated and grown larger, more ferocious, and unafraid of humans anymore! The mongrels snarled fiercely, barring sharp teeth that were a few inches long, and could easily have ripped a metal plate apart.

"Get out of my way!" Jeremiah burned rubber and sped at full speed toward the blockade of deranged animals, or monsters as they were really looked like.

The crazed animals actually ran toward the car! BUMP!! BUMPP!! Several of them were knocked off the road, but severely denting the hood of the car in the process!However a smart little devil actually jumped at the side windows, smashing it and sending glass fragments everywhere, cutting George, Shilpa and Jeremiah! "Ouch!!" Jeremiah lost control of the vehicle and jammed the brakes, and almost crashed into a tree, the old mercedes screeching to a halt only a few centimeters from the tree trunk!

The 3 friends clambered out of the car, sweeping the glass fragments out, while the remaining animontrousities circled them, eargerly waiting to strike! George took hold of a large tree branch, while Jeremiah grabbed his beloved electric guitar and welded it like a huge club. "You want a piece of me? C'mon!!" He yelled and swung the guitar, smacking a overgrown cat sending it flying. The other animals growled and launched an all out attack on the trio!

George and Jeremiah were smacking the monsters left right and center, yet more kept on coming! Shilpa was so afraid, but still fought on, swinging her branded versace bag filled with rocks as a deadly weapon! But the animals still kept on coming, determined to have their 1st fresh meat meal of the day!

KApOW! BLaM!! BLAm!! KAPoWW!!!

Bullets blew the brains out of several animals, as they reared around in panic, mewing and barking crazily, aware of a new attacker! They spun around frantically looking for the assailant, when another barrage of bullets took out the remaining animals!!

KApow! KaBLAM!!! BLAM!!

"Who...?" George panted, as he, Jeremiah and Shilpa scanned the surroundings for their saviour.

"Get into my car. Its a lot safer." A voice, gentle and yet strong told them.

Gloria unslung her sniper rifle and threw it in the passenger seat and beckoned them to enter her vehicle. It was not a car. It was not a tank. It was a vehicle with armour plating, large wheels and a small opening to allow passengers to get in. "It looks similar to the Bat mobile in Batman Begins!" thought Shilpa.

"Thank you!! Thank you so mu......AAARHHHHH!!" jeremiah was thrown back into his seat as Gloria sped off toward the rendezvous point - the titanium clad building.

Clarence and Kenneth drove the container truck running over zombies, and entered the carpark of the church. neither had any idea why Vash had wanted this huge container truck so urgently. They called Vash and he answered, "get Wolfwood and the others up to the lobby, then open the container and let Wolfwood take command till I get back. he'll know whats inside."

Clarence was burning with excitement and couldn't wait till Wolfwood came up from the basement, so he removed the canvas covering the container, and when the grey canvas came off, Kenneth and Clarence's eyes were wide with amazement. The logo on the side of the container spelt out :

K.O.R.P.S - Knights of the Royal Priesthood Syndicate.

"So you guys finally got here!" Wolfwood appeared with Lionhartz and Shawn. He raised his right hand and placed it over the side of the container.

"DNA recognized."

Wolfwood said, "Doomsday scenario. Now!"

The container creaked and groaned, then all 4 sides fell out and the roof opened up. the 5 of them laid their eyes on Vash's creations : the Mech warriors. 6 huge machines lay side by side inside the container, while dozens of rifles, pistols, body armour, grenades and ammunition lay in boxes at the side, presumably for ground troops.

At this moment, Vash pulled into the carpark in his Spyder along with Mikki, Bourne, Swen, Jiacholate and Jordon on this motorbike. Wendy had to be left behind. Gloria arrived mere seconds later in her "batmobile". Rachel and Meryl came out from the lifts, Small ken behind them. Turtle Teo and Renee also arrived on his speedster Lexus, Renee bleeding from facial wounds, but otherwise alright.

Vash looked at Wolfwood who grinned back. He glanced at every person present, some injured, many never held a weapon before. Yet his instincts told him that these people present were about to be transformed into the best soldiers the world has ever seen. Be it faith or desperation, he would lead these men and women into the last battle Singapore would ever see, not against an invading country or against terrorists, but against the undead.

"It is time."


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