Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter 2009! Almost 1/3 of the year 2009

Monday morning on 13th April 2009.

Dragged my feet to work after a long weekend, woke up on time but lazed around in bed until I was late for work by about 15 min. Hehz.

The Easter drama was alright, not exactly what we expected, cos the postcard looked sort of like a matrix thingy, but it was still set in early Jerusalem during Jesus time. Interesting concept, but lacking in story development, the characters were very one dimensional, the only good acting came from the main guy, who always played Peter, or John the Baptist last year. Was kind of hoping for a more traditional easter drama actually, cos the Final Solution thing was quite good for a modern play n is thought provoking, but seriously has nothing much to do with the Easter message, or at least in my opinion, they could have linked it to modern times and do a flash back thingy like last year's I-Ming. but anyway, the show didn't really impact me that much, guess i'm becoming a little immune to the same repeated scenes every year.

Anyway, the highlight of the weekend was really the Strikeforce MTT at east coast combined with BBQ. After Easter service, we hung out at the career booths at hall 7 for awhile, then i went for lunch with Joan while sending her to the library to study, bumping in to Chowkiat at the beer garden kopitiam! Haha, its a small world.

At the ECP, we did basically the same things which we did at the boot camp, practice playing far away from each other, n there was a short 40 min class conducted by 6 various groups of instructors (made up of Strikeforce seniors) and then the usual talk by Boon, and the announcement of the group who is taking part in NDP. Not alot of pple actually, only slightly about half of the new pple.

BBQ was fun though, i got to talk to many new members, David, Ee Lin, jeanette, rica, erika, wilson, abel, n a coupple of other new pple. G-ladys, the 11 year old little girl, is quite cute, the cutest girl we got in SF so far, IMHO! hahaha.. also caught up with the older SF pple like Meiqi, David Lee, YQ, Liting, Darshan, Sharlyn, etc. It was really a very fun gathering and I totally enjoyed myself, even though there wasn't enough food n I had to ask Joan to buy some food from Mac for me, the staple food of rice n noodles were barely enough to feed the new SF pple, but many of the older SF pple didn't even get a chance to eat the staple food, but its alright, the event is mainly to welcome the new pple into SF n get them integrated. Most of them i can safely say are well integrated and can really mix well with the SF memebrs. many kids can click with the younger ones like Christine and Verena, but there are also the older members like Ralph and Wilson and Red. Really had a great time, chatting with different groups of pple, just chilling n sharing stories. Oh, small Desmond likes someone that Neo knows, and Neo's gonna help him and show him how to whoo the girl! Hahaha.. Oh, and I remember i mentioned that Verena and Daryl were wearing the same t-shirt Adidas, only in opposite colours, Daryl was like "alright Verena high five!" then Verena hestitantly raised her hand slowly and gave a super funny look of bewilderment! Oh man, it was so classic, Neo, Jasmine, Christine n i burst out laughing!

As usual, Boon wanted a 5 min sketch from each of the 6 groups on how coming to the SF has changed them, and what they aspire to be in the SF, and, as usual, (hahaha) the group that I was helping won! David, Jeanette, Ee Lin, Ivan and 2 other girls (i actually didn't catch their names) acted in the 5 min sketch, of which they developed the story line and dialouge, but I helped to put in the funny bits (suaning Ian, the last line at the end, etc) and I was really proud of them when they won. Haha! On a side note, YQ's acting as the stranger was really so "uncle" and funny! Really the clown of the night! Overall, the sketches were quite good, considering that they had only like 20 min or so to discuss. But one thing about the BBQ food, some really not cooked properly, I had stomacheache last night n this morning! Hahaha.. thank God Joan brought me some food, if not I'll really be starving by the time I got home. =P


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