Monday, July 24, 2006

Totally weird dream i had!

Think i've been playing too much horror games liao! From F.E.A.R. to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, i've been fighting monsters n creepy stuff on the PC every night, which probably caused this super creepy and weird dream i had! Not to mention a lot of Bleach cartoons as well! Those familiar with Bleach, FEAR and Silent Hill will be able to understand the following dream better! LOL...

The Weird N Creepy Dream on 24 July, 1.30-3.15 pm

I couldn't remember everything once I woke up, which is quite normal for pple who dream (alas!) but still, I can feel the shivers down my spine n the hair on my arms standing, as I remembered the last part of the dream where I was fighting two huge monsters and one shadowy humanoid ghost.

And how I killed them?

Tensa Zengetsu!! (At least for the 2 large monsters. I can't remember how I killed the shadowy ghost cos I think thats when my alarm woke me up!!)

LOL, it seems super amazing now, but pretty real in the dream. Yes, somehow or other, the sword i was holding enabled me to use Bankai, become super fast and everything became super SlowMO (ala FEAR) so I was able to deal multiple slashes to the thick hides of the monsters while dodging their blows easily!

But wait, thats the finale, let me start from what i can remember.

We were going to a hostel to stay for vacation or something. I can remember a few of my cell group members, Nic, Kenneth Kwok, Clarence, Boonkiat, Joan, Mikki, Michelle Lim, Kevin... (haha surprisingly no Michelle Fong.. that would have made the dream even scarier) and we were staying in this huge mansion which sort of resembled the parliament house! I think it was about 4 storeys high, and was surrounded by a garden which a high brick wall (which naturally prevented us from escaping).

Somehow or other, it looked dark and creepy from the start but we still went inside anyway. We had the keys to 2 of the rooms on the top floor, and one had access to the attic. Yes, the attic, where creepy ghouls roam.

I remember after putting our stuff in the rooms, we tried calling and finding the owner of the place, but to no avail. We wandered about the mansion, which looked gothic n grand from the inside. Those big empty halls, with old paintings and statues all around. Ultimately creepy! Oh, and there wasn't any electricity in the place! It was lit with gasoline lamps, n burning torches!

Talk about scare effects!

Suddenly while the guys were exploring the place, the girls screamed. I can't exactly remember what happened, but after that we began to panic and shouted at them to get out of the place, leave their stuff behind and run away.

Basically, the structure of the mansion was such that there was only 1 way up and 1 way down, and we had to bypass every single room on every single floor before we reached the main doors.

Yup and imagine the shock we saw when we reached the main gate and it was shut and locked. Not one lock but a string of chains and locks!! That was when it started to rain. It was a freaking storm, with strong gusts of wind and heavy drops of rain, lightning thunder etc! We had no choice but to take shelter back in the mansion while we figured a way out.

Then someone suggested we search the place for weapons against whatever they saw earlier. So we left one of the guys with the girls n went from room to room searching for weapons. Since it was an old mansion, there were a few weapons hanging around, from old pistols that actually fired once at a time, to daggers and swords. I remember Boonkiat found a room that looked quite modern, and he returned armed with a few golf clubs! I think someone found a baseball bat too. So there we were, a group of frightened, cold, wet friends in an ancient mansion. We hid in room on the first floor cos everyone was too scared to go back up, given the horrible ghost that scared everyone earlier. But of cos like all horror movies, the ghost moves.

We encountered another monster at the first floor kitchen, somehow it was eating from a human body on the table! It looked like some vampire, squatting over the body with red glowing eyes! That was when we hammered and sliced and pounded the creature in fright. And of cos it died in a bloody mess, but not before severely scratching and injuring many of us.

Somehow, we decided that moving to a higher floor was better than remaining at the first floor, with the dead creature in the kitchen. We closed the kitchen doors and windows and put tables and sofas there to keep the creature inside, should it come alive again (somehow that seemed quite possible despite it being smashed and cut up.)

But while taking the stairs to the higher floors, the old dusty stairs gave way. And guess who was the only one left behind! (me, you dufus.)

And amazingly, i went to explore the mansion on my own while the rest continued upwards. That was when the floor collasped n i found myself in a super spacious enormous basement, lit with more burning torches, and 2 huge monsters about 2 storeys tall roared and started rushing towards me! I panicked, ran around trying to escape but of cos there was no escaping. The ceiling was more than 3 storeys high n the only door was blocked by the monsters. Ha!

So just before being pounded to death, I activated my Bankai! Just like in the bleach cartoon, my clothes transformed into black drapes, and my sword turned into a black katana, and my speed increased about 10 times i think! Pretty soon i slashed and stabbed my way through the 2 monsters without getting a single hit!

That was when the shadowy figure showed up, i think it was a woman, with long hair covering the face. She was somehow able to move at the same speed as me, and i was terrified. She crawled on the walls, jumped from pillar to pillar, but never once could i see her face. I decided i had to kill her (how to kill a ghost?) and charged, and then i woke up!


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