Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Praise the Lord! My PC is working once again!

dear God

thanks for restoring my PC! though i really wana complain n whine about how all my files n songs n documents n pictures n stuff are lost, i somehow don't really bother. yeah its true, pictures of my Israel trip are gone, pictures of my JC days are gone, my outings with friends, my 21st birthday pics, my Osaka n shanghai pictures, etc. but it really doesn't matter. i believe that You have a great big camera up there and when i get up there and want to look back on life, i can ask You for access to Your great big database! hehz..

like what Thomas Edison said when his lab burnt down with all his equipment n experiments. All our mistakes are erased and we can begin anew! All my corrupted data is erased, my immoral habits and corrupted stuff are destoryed!

yes i'm not afraid to admit i do have certain weaknesses regarding pornography. it doesn't really bother me, only when circumstances or people force me to go thru unwanted experiences of despair n loneliness then i really get the urge to commit this grosteque sin.. but i believe that You will help me overcome each temptation when it arises. i will force myself to go pray and read the Bible or something that forces me to look to You and look away from the world.

God honestly i'm quite worried about my exams. results are out this thursday... please help me thru it, cos i think i have run into some trouble with one of my modules.

Later there's an emerge prayer meeting. i'm still considering if i want to go. obviously i don't want to go even though i've already committed myself to go. in 2 weeks i begin my work attachment. totally NOT looking forward to it at all.. so scared of working in the legal field having seen what goes on in there.. pple are ruthless n cunning n smarter than me.. God give me faith and courage to really go into the marketplace to make a difference for You, even if it is just a small difference. Give me wisdom and discernment to help me in the workplace, so that i can be more efficient n effective in my work.

In Jesus name I pary


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