Thursday, April 05, 2007

Met up with my dear sister

Dear God

Thank You for a wonderful time with eunice having dinner at pasta mania followed by coffee at the TCC (although we were always constantly interrupted by phonecalls!!), for the friends i'm bringing for Easter, for the ideas for the human rights exam! Ok i'll keep this short because i'm really tired out from the studying today n i'm feelin a little faint. Oh, i do hope that my laptop sale to eunice loh goes well, n she comes for easter together with her boyfriend as well. About the Hong Kong trip, well i don't really fancy going with yongji, but i guess its up to You if its in Your will we'll go, if not then its ok. i still have my building fund to pay up. =P

So much to do, so much to plan for, and honestly God i'm very very worried about my exams, as well as my pupilage, my graduation, ministry, everything. i'm really getting tired very easily, and becoming very lazy!! help me cure laziness n put in me the fire of God n the fear of God once again!

Time really flies, yujie n rachel marrying in july, then yongqiang n liping in november.. God i can't believe i'm growing up! i'm growing old!! i'm becoming an adult! the transition is really too fast n shocking for me to grasp.. honestly i'm afraid of growing up. i feel like i can't handle adult issues yet, n more importantly i'm not equipped for the working world, its politics n backstabbing n other dark traits of human behaviour. its like two worlds, from being a student n transitioning into a full time employee. Help me get over this fear, irrational or rational as it may be!

Yes Lord, i pray for many salvation decisions for my friends this easter! have not asked my parents yet, will ask them tml night. i MUST ask them, even in all probability they might say no, i will still try. who knows, Your intercession might cause them to change their mind!

I pray for a really fruitful day of writing n research tml!

In Jesus name,


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