Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dedication to beloved members of N280!

Dear Lord

I just came back from McCafe with joan clarence small kenneth n mikki. Its been so long since i had such a nice time just chilling out with them! especially my dear little mikki. i've really missed talking to her so much. its like, when she's rising up as a cell group leader, i somehow feel less able to talk to her as a friend in front of everyone, n i need to address her with more respect. but when we're together just with a few close friends, we can suddenly talk about stuff in the old ways again. so weird.

ok before i get carried away with talking about the latest happenings in the cell group, kenneth n yien, bk n michelle lim, clarence and sinhui (again!!), clarence n amelie, etc, i think i better write what i need to write. God this letter is for them, to tell them how much i'll miss them n how much a difference they've made in my life. sure there's good times n bad times, but somehow i remember the good times better. haha...

I pray that as I write my thanks n feelings for each one of them, that You come n bless our relationship n make our friendship bonds strong. let noone backslide, n every single one of N280 members grow closer to You in 2007, n bring back all the backsliders! bless all these children of Yours abundantly Lord, fill them with the Holy Spirit who will guide them in wisdom n creativity n knowledge. Love them as they love You even more day by day. God, i really love them so much, i really regret not having the chance to fellowship with them more often thru out 2006, for literally ignoring the friendships in the cell group for other things, like Joan n strikeforce. but without them, i wouldn't even be in church anymore, so thank You for placing these pple in my life.

Joan - erm, i think i don't have to elaborate too much on this girl who walked into my life n made me feel like i was in the arms of an angel. a little feeling of heaven on earth is when i look into her eyes, n i feel she's looking at me in pure adoration, i really feel so loved. but all the lovey-dovey stuff aside, thank You for such a great friend who constantly encourages me almost every single day, i pray You grant her wisdom n maturity in her thinking, as she needs to make some major life-changing decisions for her life this year. God i pray You bless our relationship with each other, i really want You to be the center of our relationship when we do get attached. i know i messed up big time for the past year, but i will complete my vow in honesty n sincerity. i pray that You use her in the cg she goes to, let her exercise her spirit of discernment n leadership skills once again, to disciple others in Your ways. she has much potential, forgive me for burying it. Its time for her to shine for You in her own way this year.

Mikki - what can i say about this girl who's simply so amazing n doing such great things for You! God i love her as a member but more than that, as a girl who will always stand strong n do the right thing, not afraid to stand up for whats right even if its painful to her n others. i really see so much potential in her, she has so much to acomplish for You! always let her enjoy Your presence n strengthen her daily in her job n quiet time. give her the favour of men n of God, so that she would be able to lead better n be a natural inspiration to the members around her. i know that Mikki is one girl i'll always remember to hold dear in my heart, as a little sister, as a good friend. she's simply so cute n adorable! make her stay that way, but also give her a sense of authority n anoint her that she may lead more pple to You!

Clarence - from silent aloof breaker to chatty funny nice guy! i've seen him thru some changes in his life, so thank You for using me to impact him. give him a greater vision n show him his destiny in You Lord! there's so many things he can do, if only he can grasp hold of the vision from You! let him grow wiser in his speech, knowing what kind of words to say and what not to. talk to Him through his daily prayers, show him that You are real, n You really do care about his lifen his dreans, n his desires. time to move forward with You!

Michelle Lim - someone whom i initially had a little awkwardness talking to, but somehow or other, chatted for over 2 hours last week! she has a great voice, i pray You continue to inspire her to rise up in choir n even in the band, as she strives to improve her voice n music knowledge. also as guys tend to like her, keep her mind focused on You! show her so much love that she doesn't need to find security in another guy until the right time for her, which is probably a long way to go. actually i noticed her way back in 2004 when we were playing some zone games at marina bay n thought that she was quite pretty n nice girl, but didn't even know her name until 2005 or so. haha.. Lord let our relationship in the band grow strong so we can flow as one to write songs for You n shine in the music industry!

Sweekeng - one of my most outstanding guitar students! although i gave a guitar class to about 3-4 pple back at jurong west, none of them progress as fast as him! he probably has mastered guitar skills more than me, but he needs to realise the reason why he is learning music, is not to show off his musical talent, but so that he is able to serve You more. that is the only worry i have for him, that he's using music as a way to escape from his problems in life. Lord bless his family situation, give him a calmer temper n a soft tongue. Speak to Him from the Word, he who is slow to wrath is a man of great understanding. let him realise the meaning of ministry is to serve, n not to be served. he's a good friend too.

Boon Kiat - God, this guy is really a very nice guy, but please guide him on the right path! give him understanding and wisdom. Your Word says fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. speak to him about the reverence n fear that he lacks for You, that he needs to change much of his character n mindset if he is to become a man of God. and i so believe he can make it! he has the natural charisma of an evangelist! but he needs to know his priorities.. i pray that You send someone to teach him n lead him in his life, someone who can do a better job than what i did.

Daryl - Lord i still count him as a member of the cell group though i feel that he isn't really coming for the Word but for the friendship. yet i somehow sense that he yearns to know You more. i pray that he becomes more open to sharing about his life to his church leaders, that he has a real living relationship n prayer life with You, not just reading the Bible as stories n words, but a real conversation with You that will impact his life. life is more than games n guns! show him his potential in the cell group, inspire him to live for You n not for games.

Jaric - somehow i think that he's really keen to come back but under the wrong influence. Father i pray that You send more good christian friends into his life to really get into his life n spend time with him n teach him more of the Word. i pray that he comes back to church n cell group soon as well, that he will not feel condemned or guilty or anything bad, but that he has the determination to put You first in his life. afterall, scolding him doesn't feel good becos i consider him a friend. let him know that..

Phebe - she's really an interesting girl, despite causing some problems earlier last year. i really want to get to know her better as a friend, but i also hope that she finds a greater love for You in her life, not just to You but to Your pple in the new cell group as well, despite her job n studies. she is really a smart girl, i pray that she uses her talents even more to shine for You in her life. happy birthday to her too!

Amelie - so sorry that i don't have the time to really talk to you n get into your life! Lord, Amelie is really another super nice n sweet innocent looking girl, who despite her insecurities n worries, would make a good friend whom anyone would confide in. Lord i pray You give her more confidence in herself, give her an ego boost! let her know that her talents are far too valuable to be left sitting on the shelf! i pray that she goes about her life with more assurance of her faith, with a more forgiving attitude, with less anxiety n more trust in You!

Yien - haha i really dunno how to describe my friendship with this girl, sometimes feel a bit weird talking to her cos she's like so different! yet i think we enjoy talking n fellowshipping, n i simply think she's so cool n stylish in her dressing! haha.. but still Lord i pray that she knows why she's coming n not only that, she matures n grows up to chew on solid doctrine. she also has potential as an evangelist, n to shine for You in the market place in cosplay events! she's a bit lazy n slack though, teach her about the ant in Proverbs! bring friends into her life to push her n disciple her more Lord.

Shawn - God this guy has been one heck of an impact in my life, since meeting him at the Israel trip in 2004! confrontations aside, he's a really good leader n friend, n i pray that i can open up more to him even as he may or may not be my leader anymore. Lord let me learn from him how to balance my life n work hard n not let my emotions n laziness affect my walk with You! he's been such a patient n caring leader, i've been such a difficult member to deal with, i'm sorry shaun for all the problems i've caused you! i will always consider him a great leader in my books, n he will be a great lawyer who will impact the marketplace n bring Christ into culture!

thank You for all these friends in my life Lord, my life wouldn't be so colourful n interesting if it wasn't for these pple! bless them all in their family n relationships, in their jobs n studies, in their ministry n their walk with You, let them all grow into mature sons n daughters of God! let them know that i love them all dearly, that no matter what happens You'll be there for them, n i hope i can be there with them too, standing by their side whenever they need me.

In Jesus name i pray,


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