Friday, November 10, 2006

Back from Phuket!

Dear Lord,

Its been a long time since i last blogged/prayed here, so an old friend was just complaining about me not blogging anymore, so i supposed i can do my prayer time here today instead of in my room. haha.

God, its been such an amazing past 2-3 weeks. one of the most enjoyable trips i ever had in a long time came in the midst of serving You in the marketplace! how does the strikeforce bring Christianity into the market place? simple. first we bring life n excitement into the place, impact the people, n get them talking about this great bunch of energetic lively creative people. second, we influence them further, get into their lives in a greater way. finally we announce we're Christian n show them what is Kristos Kai Kosmos, Christ in Culture!

No more of that old religious nonsense about Christianity being a boring n dull religion! No way man! Our God is an awesome God, He deserves way more credit than what the religious pple give to Him! Thank You God for showing Yourself in a powerful way at Phuket! somehow in the midst of the anxiety n "kan cheong"ness of the first night, we didn't pray before we performed n somehow, i suppose that led to the many mistakes, especially those made by me. oh God i felt like i humiliated You, that i let down Bro Boon n the strikeforce! i admit my playing really sucked big time on the first night. i made so many mistakes, it was really unforgiveable. thank God i wasnt' scolded very much. and i know it was my first time playing lead in a major gig, so i really was super anxious n too tense, i couldn't enjoy the whole performance at all! in my mind i was thinking, oh no, whats next?

The second night was so much better. Thank You Lord for being with us when we prayed n guided our hands n broke thru the atmosphere there! somehow or other, the second night was really without a doubt the best night we played! the crowd was ecstatic n kept asking for more! i think the only other performance we had which was more "climax" n exciting was on the final night after the parade!

Tml i'm gonna play lead for the padang gig again! Lord this time, let me really put on a good show, not just to be good in skills n my playing, but in my facial expression, my body language, let the Holy Spirit really take over n let the life of God, the zoe life flow out of my playing so much that everyone will see a difference! Thank You once again for sending me on the Phuket trip, it really was quite enjoyable.. Serving You in this way has been so far one of the most fulfiling.

Now the building fund is coming.. i think i underpledged the amount, Lord. i know i was giving in doubt, even in fear, becos You know the last time i didn't manage to complete the amount. Yet i know in my heart that when i give out of fear or out of doubt, You are not pleased. how can it be a sweet aroma of worship when the offering stinks of fear n lack? No, i gave in a wrong mindset. I pray that during cell group later You will really come into the place n give me the right faith amount to pledge. not something too easy n realistic, but one amount that needs me to exercise my faith to another level.

Now i need to rest, so thank You once again, i enjoyed the jamming session, i enjoy strikeforce so much! this is the best ministry i ever served in n i pray that You make a way for me to excel more in this ministry, so that i can serve better with better skills, more time, more effort n more excellence, n of cos more anointing! thank You Jesus for the strikeforce! bless the leaders like bro Boon n sis Jennifer, they've been working so hard for so long, i'm sorry i might be a bit harsh on them somethings n talk back, but i still love them cos they are my leaders. they are Your leaders, Your chosen ones, so i will respect them for that.

In Jesus name i pray,


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