Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time to change my life. Day 1: Spiritual Renewal

1 Tim 1-3

1 Tim 1:6-7 - You are speaking about me! Oh Lord, i repent from all those negative gossips and sinful words that hurt people..

1:8 - This is so true Lord! Thank You for this revelation which I can use for my exam paper! "But we know that the law is good if one uses law lawfully"!

2:2 - "For kings and all who are in authority.." - Always pray for the leaders of Singapore!

2:8 - Lift up my hands "without wrath and doubting"! when I pray, do i really believe Your Word or am i merely going thru a formality? Doubt and faith cannot co-exist! Wrath and peace of God cannot co-exist!

3:1-7 - Thank You, this is really a Word in season! The Bible can really speak into my life! I will meditate on these verses for the week! Amen!

3:16 - What does it really mean Lord?

Dear Lord,

As i truly begin my spiritual life anew once again, I really thank You for being here to answer my prayers! i really like what the Bible says, we know the law is good if one uses if lawfully. This really explains so many things, not just help me in my exam paper, but it really makes me understand why Shawn has to be "legalistic" with the cg members. That the law, although we are no longer bound by it, has its purpose to serve to teach n disciple us. Jesus came not to break the law or destroy the law, but He came to fulfil the law! i.e. Jesus, You are the only one who is able to fulfil all the laws!

But i have questions for You. Is to be blameless the same as being sinless? For how can man be sinless even if he has accepted Christ? Because we are all still humans, we are made of flesh n bone, n the flesh will always cause us to sin.. Lord help me understand this point. I want to be able to stand blameless before God one day.

This is my spiritual diary for the day, thank You Lord for helping me!

In Jesus name,


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