Monday, September 18, 2006

Goodbye Jessie.. See ya around Lena, but not too often...

Dear Lord

Things have been really straining recently. I don't like pple who make comments or say things about me without first understanding what I mean. If they don't get what I mean, they can always ask questions without trying to intepret what they think I mean and then try to rebut me and imply things which I didn't mean. This kind of pple do little more than show how immature they are and how pointless it is to try to talk sense into them. So in order for me not to get annoyed with such defensive and whiney people, my solution is just to simply cut them out of my life.

Yeah sure I'll lose a few friends. But them again, I'll gain some more. Friends come and go, only real friends remain.


Blogger Lena said...

sorry if you felt offended by the comments that i have made..

on the flip side. Maybe you interpreted and implied it differently from what i meant to say as well.haha

take care.

3:25 PM


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