Thursday, September 21, 2006

Time to change my life. Day 2: Blessings pouring in?

1 Tim 4:14 - do not neglect the gift that is in me! what are the gifts that God has given me for His purposes on earth?

1 Tim 5:1 - do not rebuke an older man. God i'm sorry for being so biased n wrong in my attitude towards leaders n pple who are older than me. especially shawn. i will change my attitude towards leaders n recognise that You placed them in authority over my life..
5:17 - same meaning, God once again reminds me to respect my elders in church.. n to teach the younger members the same thing, to respect leadership, if not how can i teach them something that will cause them to undermine leadership? that is rebellion.. i'm sorry for doing that for the past few months, perhaps causing some to stumble. will not do it again Lord, forgive me n help me to be sharper in the spirit to not say things i should not say, n to say things which i ought to say with boldness.

1 Tim 5:22 - do not share in other people's sins - i.e. do not let other people's sins become my sins! reminds me of what Shawn shared with the cg members over the whole sinhui issue. by encouraging gossip n not stopping pple from saying bad things about the whole matter, i am NOT glorifying God n NOT doing the right thing, n therefore doing the sin of omission! God, help me be quick to edify, rebuke n educate, but be slow in judgement n condemnation. rather, help me to have a forgiving n open heart with a large capacity, so that i can accept n take whatever happens without feeling offended easily. help me be an example to the younger members, to not talk bad about others behind their back, never to sow discord.

1 Tim 5:24 - those of some men follow later. - sins which are clearly evident will cause pple to follow suit in the sin! esp the blatent sins of a leader. God forgive me for breaking my vows time n again n getting too close to Joan, such that young members are learning from us n getting too close at the wrong time.. help me to learn to make strong firm decisions. no more going out with Joan, no more late night phone calls... Jesus help me in this, i can't control my flesh!

Dear God

this is only the second day of my spiritual walk with You, and already You have blessed me with exciting results! thank You for letting me get thru to the finals of the choir audition as well as the zone talentime audition! Lord, i really really want my brother to get saved, he is such a dear brother to me, i want to see him serving the Lord alongside me, in the same cell group, in the same zone, same ministry, becos i think there'll be nothing more satisfying than seeing my brother come to Christ so i can work with him n talk to him on a much deeper level than right now..

i feel so stressed over the coming assignments, i'm even afraid to check my email. God help me, give me the peace of God which surpasses all understanding.. help me to overcome my fears, irrational as they may be. help me help myself, Holy Spirit, stir up in me faith n courage n provide the godly wisdom i need to do all the tasks tat i need to do.

God i also pray for thailand n the troubles there to stop.. taht the pple will really find a good leader to lead the country to God, that the military will stop attacking the govt n undermining its power. i pray for the Christians there to really rise to the occasion n help the needy, to provide hope when there isn't any to be seen. Lord i really want to go for the thailand trip with strikeforce at the end of oct, to really impact the pple there. i don't think there are many Christians in thailand, i really pray that You use us as a means to spread the gospel to the pple there. that when the SF goes there, it will carry the Spirit n power n anointing n the presence of God with them, n its not just a week of performances, but a week of spiritual warfare. Let us be ready to battle against the devil, n spread the gospel thru thailand!

Thank You Lord for giving me 2nd chances time n again, always forgiving me n urging me to move on!

In Jesus name,


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