Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Arthur's Birthday!

Dear Lord

Today was a really great day! Thank You for everything good that happened today. Despite the nightmare of the previous day, Arthur's birthday celebration with the strikeforce pple really made me feel so happy n relaxed. I mean its his birthday, You blessed him with gifts n a group of really good close friends, but as You bless him, you blessed me so the same group of friends as well!

The people present at the dinner were of cos Arthur, Edwin, Joan, Millie, Kaishing, Darshan, Peggy, Sharlyn, Daryl, me and of cos Yishan, the would-be girlfriend of Arthur! man, she looks sweet n innocent n very "guai" at first glance, but boy can she really suan pple! she really reminded me a lot of eunice. by the way Lord she is looking really thin n haggard the last time i saw her, i do hope she's alright. i believe yongji is treating her well, buying an expensive hp for her n all, but i hope she eats properly n puts on some more weight!

Anyway back to the dinner at pizza hut. it was really fun! i can't believe i found such a group of funny interesting caring n friendly pple. i really pray that this group of friends stands the tests of time n we r able to help each other draw closer to You in our daily lives throughout the years. though i'm not really that close to darshan n kaishing yet, i feel today's dinner has changed that. haha... i feel so blessed to be part of this group of friends, most of them on fire Christians! that's really the most important, we can talk about God n christian songs n have more than just casual friendship connections: we can communicate spirit to spirt on another level. i think that You are pleased when Your pple come together to meet like that in a joyous spirit. i guess this is a little taste of heaven on earth. Thank You Lord for such wonderful pple, good food (except for the seafood supreme which tasted horrible) n a good time! it shows we don't need wordly activities or drugs or booze to have a good time, what we need is pple with good clean standards to have a ball of a fun time!

I really pray that our cell group members can come to this mature level, where there are no crude jokes n they have genuine good clean godly fun times with each other. i do believe that i somehow have a large role to play in changing their minds n lifestyles, but they also need to read the Bible n get more serious in their walk with You. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, if they speak dirty things means their minds are filled with dirty thoughts. Help us all breakthru bad habits to come to a level of purity before You!

In Jesus name,


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