Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Japan trip 2007!

Dear Lord

Just got back from japan trip! Yeah! it was really good, great food, great weather, despite being a little sick, i think i had a great time! worrying about my results though...

I pray that I juss pass everything, and You will get the glory for everything I've achieved.

Too much to write down about the japan trip, basically had fun at universal studio, disneySea, shopping on the last day n thats about it for the highlights. the people were a little bit boring, a little bit weird, and a little bit noisy, but overall quite ok.

Going to work on monday may 28th! Just called my office to confirm the area of work i'll be doing - corporate! damn i've gotta do more reading up on corporate stuff liao, expand my knowledge n understanding of corp terms.

i'll still worried as heck about the results - esp You know which module. pls pls pls God let the lecturer at least pass me with a C n i'll be happy n eternally grateful to You.

In Jesus name I pray


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