Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Much ado about blogging..

Seriously i've got nothing much to blog, becos usually when i want to blog about some interesting stuff n experiences or even dreams (yes i had an awesome dream last night probably due to the fact that i finished reading the Grey Knights book before i fell asleep) i seem to be flooded with work n by the time i get home at night, i have a quick dinner n catch Friends to relax a bit, n then its already like 10 pm, and i'm too exhausted to stare at the PC for much longer, my eyes hurt from reading too much text on the screen. after a short call to Joan, i'm usually on my bed either reading a book or preparing to sleep soon.

Aside from the occasional strikeforce practice, i don't really have anything to look forward to everyday n thats probably why i dread working life. it takes the fun out of the things i like to do. in fact, i don't really have time to do what i like to do! maybe being a corporate lawyer isn't the job i was meant to have? i don't know. or maybe cos i'm going thru the learning process, n getting hell from my boss almost on a daily basis, sometimes more than 3 times a day. imagine, getting scolded 3 times a day, at least 4 out of 5 days in aweek. how depressing is that?

God, i really need Him now, just to survive everyday of the week. Pray for clearer and quicker understanding of legal issues, pray against carelessness and pray that i become more meticulous and detailed in whatever i'm doing. this is as much character moulding as it is doing a job. I should be thankful for my boss's guidance, compared to some other firms where the boss leaves you alone to figure out things on your own.

Yup, my 2 days worth of work has just been thrown away and my boss just gave me a hell of a scolding. again.


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