Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just updating whatever's happening this week..

Had a nice supper at prata house with daryl bk n joan last night, and a nice lunch treat by David Lim and the lawyers of the whole firm, while we went to check out the new office. its rather small compared to our firm office at SLT. sigh. i might not even get my own office anymore, simply just a desk n a computer with a shelf to put my files. and worse still, its at least about 8 minutes walk from the nearest MRT, chinatown mrt! that means i need to change train at douby guat mrt everyday n increase by travelling time by about 15 min per journey, which means half an hour more each day! sian man.. i really think travelling is quite a waste of time. esp when i'm hungry n end work late at 8 pm, i'll prob reach home close to 9 pm! that leaves me like 3 hours max to do my stuff before i need to sleep at 12 midnight.

yes, n i need to wake up even earlier, prob at 7.15 am now instead of my usual 7.40 am. need to leave the house by 7.45 in order to reach office by 8.45 am. oh well, 7 hours of sleep should be sufficient for me bah. but will prob need a month or so before i get used to the new time table! sleeping at 12 everyday, its like so early! but i guess i gotta get used to it.. i'm not getting any younger, n need my sleep to stay awake during the day!

n i'm still struggling at work with new things everyday. so far i've not come across many things which i can safely say i can do the job on my own without help. this is crazy, spending 4 years in law sch n 1 year doing pupilage n PLC course n i'm still not adequately trained to do legal work?? i really think whatever i've studied in NUS is only applied like maybe 20% of the time? the rest is like, totally useless as to what im' doing as my job now.

oh well at least i can look fwd to cycling on sat night, n perhaps the overnight pm on fri will give me a fresh revelation n spiritual revival from God.. its been so long since i've attended any prayer meeting. that means i'll prob sleep most of the saturday away being exhausted from the prayer meeting n to have enough energy for the night cycling.

think i'll go for a jog tonight to warm up my muscles for the cycling.


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