Friday, May 23, 2008

Just got paid today for the month of May and oh man, am I disappointed!

This month's pay is a little bit disappointing, but oh well, that's cos I'm working one week less so I guess can't be blamed. Plus one day of MC. That kind of sucks right? I don't get paid for MC, even though I come back on weekends to finish my work! Totally rubbish man..

But doesn't matter, cos I'm in pretty much a good mood.

Two more days and I'm enjoying the shopping and food of hongkong, and then in June 20-22, Genting highland trip! Oh well I'm not so enthu for the genting trip, cos i'm not really that good friends with the pple who're going but i guess its ok cos i like momo hanxian and elaine, not to mention joan will be coming with me also! hahaha! it'll be like 7 pple group, quite cool leh! hehz. can go clubbing n casino n all those stuff. i haven't been to genting since i was in primary school, so should expect quite a few changes by now. hehz.. only thing i don't like, or rather the person i don't like who will be there is jingwei. short evil looking goblin like fellow with a witch's laugh, absolutely gross! hahaha..

anyway here i am in office at 6.52 pm waiting for my boss to be free so i can submit my work to her. haiz, hope i don't have to stay too late, i'd rather come back tml afternoon to work than stay late. i mean, i just don't like the feeling of being hungry for dinner, u know? if i had food delivered up perhaps it won't be so bad. but as it is, it jus plain sucks when i work late.

not going cell group tonight cos well, not really feeling well, very tired n sleepy n a bit of flu, but honestly i just don't feel like going. i still got to pack my bag n settle my mass call stuff for tml. oh well, hope all goes well n i'll be out of that place ASAP i hate all other snivelling lawyers.


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