Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th of June!

Friday morning 9.38 am. Coincidentally, the date today is actually friday the 13th! I wonder if anything bad will happen today. I mean not just small scale unlucky events, but large scale stuff, to see if friday the 13th really is an unlucky day! First thing of the day, already feel sleepy cos nothing much to do today, waiting for my boss to be free to check with her some stuff, but other than that, i just have to follow up on a few emails and i'm basically quite free! that's good lah, i think i can go for my medical examination later since i'm quite free today.

No cg tonight too, gonna meet simon yk n william for dinner and then prob go play some CS or other lan games. really looking forward to spending time chilling n relaxing with friends! work life is really draining n tiring not to mention frustrating n irritating at times..

Oh well at least my new colleague is pretty nice to help me with stuff that I am not sure of given her previous working experience. at least things pick up a bit towards the afternoon so i have some work to do before the end of the day so i can confidentally leave at 7 pm sharp tonight! just have a few files to read through and documents to draft before the end of the day. God get me thru this week with no more mistakes in my work!!

later tonight maybe go help Millie move her drum kit from studio to her house, depends on whether the car is available n whether the studio is open or not lor. hopefully her family doesn't get too annoyed by the new noise maker in the house. hehz.

didn't really like the new warhammer 40k book i rented from the book shop last night, read the first few pages n felt it was a bit too boring too much story n not enough description n detail of the characters, making them very "cardboard" n boring.


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