Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Part 2 of the Blazing Angels

Private Silverthorn screamed in rage and pain as a tyranid pierced his right calf, and brought down the small knife he held in both hands with his full strength, plunging it into the head of the alien repeatedly until it was dead. Without missing a beat, he reloaded his rifle and let loose a few more shoots at the approaching tyranid, each bullet blowing apart a creature's head or torso. But still they came.

"Silverthorne! We've got to keep moving!" yelled another scout, Private Eduardo, as he grabbed the collar of Silverthorne's combat fatigues with one hand and fired his pistol in the other. The other two scouts were covering the flanks, one on each side, firing shot after shot at the pack of vicious tyranids.

Despite the terrible pain in his calf, Silverthorne struggled to his feet and supported by Eduardo, ran back to the assault bikes which were parked less than 20 feet from where they were. Somehow, the short distance of 20 feet seemed ridiculously far away to him and he wondered if his injury if he would be able to ride the bike out of harm's way. But it was too late for doubts even as he clambered onto the bike, the other 2 scouts had already gunned the throttle and let loose a final spray of bullets before riding off. Silverthorne wondered how long were they able to hold the swarm off before they were finally overrun, even as his bike sped faster and caught up with the other scouts, the tyranids soon left behind in the dust.


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