Thursday, October 02, 2008

celebration 1 n 2 on 1st october!

boss not in again today! haha.. shoik man. can relax this few days. grinz.

celebrated puikwan's birthday at brewerks at clark quay. quite expensive meal, n i had a glass of fruit beer which tasted a bit funny. got quite sweaty n a little whoozy after that, but overall had a good time with pk n friends. haha.

after dinner, watched Painted Skin with joan, ian, millie, melisa, nic, n one of millie's friend, i think her name is weiwei or something, on tues night. quite average, nothing terribly fantastic about the show. its not a bad show, but its not good as well, its like watching a 2 hour chinese kungfu-romance-supernatural flick with big names in the cast but quite a predictable storyline.

reached home at about 3 am n slept till 12 noon, then went for a nice shabu shabu japanese lunch with family, mindice n joan. oh well i guess sooner or later they'll be family too. haha. nice food, but quantity quite small, roughly $30 each, not too bad. better than the $300 set lunch at the other chinese place.

went home, watched another horror movie with joan which was so boring i nearly fell asleep in front of the tv, then went to meet ex-cg members (n 2 sf pple) for dinner at waffle town. not bad lah, joan's 2nd year running organising outing for my birthday! pple who turned up were: Mikki, Michelle, Clarence, SK, BK, weiken, bowen, mark, millie, ian n of course my beloved joan, who went to get a chocolate cake before coming. =)

had a nice dinner with them, took quite a few pictures (uploaded on facebook, awaiting the rest from mikki's camera) n everyone went home at about 10.30 pm. clarence n sweekeng went to tan tock seng to report sick n get MC, but in the end not successful. hahaha.. BK n small kenneth came over to watch bleach movie at around 1 am, watched until 3 am. oh man!! i was super sleepy i almost fell asleep again, if not for the absolutely cool action scenes in the movie! hitsugaya was quite weak in it, n i'm getting abit sian of watching Ichigo as the main character all the time, n the plot is actually quite weak with lots of loop holes, never explain much on the new characters introduced. think i will borrow the movie from BK n watch again, when i'm more awake to enjoy it better! think even joan will like it.

quite an eventful holiday, if i should say so myself. haha!


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