Monday, October 20, 2008

Effects of music, speech, thoughts on water crystals.. psuedo-science or facts?

Sometimes I think people are really too easily awed.

Did some research on Dr Emoto's experiments on water crystals, and found that they're generally rejected by scientists as being "psuedo-science" for lack of controls, improper procedures, varying results, and various other reasons.

But then again, even if it isn't factually-proven science, his theory does seem to explain a lot of human behaviour, assuming that the bulk of a human being is made up of water.

If music and words influence the shape and creation of water crystals, how much would music and words shape and influence carbon-based cells?

Although his research doesn't come out with any detailed scientific thesis or results that can be 100% repeated in any situation, it does give any person food for thought.

The Bible says, life and death is in the power of words. As a man thinks, so is he. believe and confess, and you will have whatever you pray for.


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