Thursday, October 23, 2008

Long weekend is coming soon!

Watched L - change the world last night with Joan, after having dinner with Mikki and Jazz. Jazz is some magician guy who's a little bit weird, but I guess is a nice guy. Haven't seen Mikki since my birthday dinner, and oh man, she hasn't aged a day since 2004 when we were in the same cell group! still the ever youthful and cute Mikki with that cheeky smile, no wonder so many guys chase her lah. heard the latest one is called Andy n he's a guitarist in the zoneband or something. *shrug* don't think Mikki's interested in anyone at the moment though.

oh yes, attending a meeting on behalf of my boss cos she had to look after her son who was sick, n it was quite scary attending a AGM without my boss, n its quite boring as well, becos apart from the 2-3 pple in the company which i know, the other members attending the meeting are all unknown to me, n being in a totally different industry, i can't see how i can talk to them. anyway expected it to end at 5, but since it started 15 min later, it ended close to 5.30 instead, but still to be able to get out of the office, is really a refreshing experience. n when I met joan to buy my umbrella n return my book, just so happened we bumped into Mikki n Jazz n had dinner with them at KFC.

thank God for good friends like Mikki, who never ceases to put a smile on my face, though she may be 6 years younger than me, but i still click with her better than many of my peers.

had a slight arguement with Joan over some issue n i realise i need to learn how to see the whole picture before i start to voice my opinion, n often i jump to conclusions when she doesn't tell me all the details. we're quite different, i'm always surging ahead, quick thinking, fast pace of life, whereas she's more relaxed, take things slowly, more concern about relationship than situation. so learning to compromise is really an important skill in a relationship, something i've not quite mastered yet. haha.


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