Thursday, November 06, 2008

What if?

What if Earth in the year 2008 was simply part of the Imperium of Mankind but we didn't know it yet, until one day the tyranides show up and we're helpless in defending ourselves until the appearance of the majestic, powerful, god-like SPACE MARINES?


Up in a satellite floating over the earth, all seems peaceful, except that this is a spy satellite of the US, spying on Russia.

"Report in, Sergeant Roy." A static-filled voice came from the transmitter.

"All's quiet down here, nothing to report. Same old for the past 5 months.. Sir, you sure we aren't just wasting tax dollars on this hunk o junk?" Sergeant Roy joked with his superior.

"Just do your job and I'll do mine, over and out."

Sergeant Roy relaxed in his seat. Half a year of space duty didn't seem as exciting as he thought it would be. Initially he was thrilled at the chance of a trip to outer space, to see the world from heaven and literally look down upon humanity. The earth looked so small and peaceful from up in space. But after a few months, the novelty wore off, and it became just another day on the job for him. A fellow astronaut joined him with a cup of decaff.

"Roy, have you noticed the interference with the sonar equipment? We're getting weird signals from here." 2nd Lieutanant Herbett pointed to the screen.

Roy just snorted and replied, "But that's coming from the other side of where we're supposed to be looking at sir. Russia's down there, Mars is at our 6, and where you're pointing is just open space."

At that moment the screens flickered again and the interference kept occuring. This time, it got both personnel worried. When communications are disrupted, it could mean someone or something was jamming their frequency. Someone knew they were spying on Russia!

"Better get a message back to station control Roy!" Herbett began checking the other scanners and various switches. "And activate the squad to be on standby for evac!" One can never be too careful, he thought to himself. He was soon proven right.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant cluster of objects appeared on the scanner! "Sir, what the heck are those things? They've got to be hundreds of miles away but there's nothing out there!" Roy exclaimed while trying to send a message to station control on earth.

"I don't know.. but I think we'll find out soon enough. They're approaching us at incredible speed!" Herbett seemed to pale as he stared at the screen. "Quick we've got to warn control!"

"I can't get anything sir! Its just static.. and that awful sound!" Roy finally began to panic.

Herbett pressed the emergency evacuation button, and the rest of the crew, some waken from their slumber, hurriedly made their way to the evacuation shuttle. "We'll keep trying Roy, let's hope the Chinese aren't listening to all this.. no wait! transmit to all satellites in range! We've got to get the message across before.."

It was too late. They never knew what hit them as a blast of bio-energy hit the satellite and blew them into pieces.

The huge bio-ship lumbered onward, its escorts at its side and front, with thousands of smaller bio-ships protecting it from all flanks. Even then its mission was simple - knock out all satellites and communication. The larger ships had even yet to pass through the warp.


"Yes, yes I'll send you those documents by tonight!" Grifter almost yelled at his client on the phone. It was 6.30 pm on a Thursday evening on 6 November 2008, and here he was, stuck in office working when he had plans to go out with his girlfriend Joan.

He sighed and looked at the clock again. Sometimes he almost wished he had chosen a different career path, one that didn't require him to stay back almost everyday, with demanding clients and bosses who hounded him the moment he stepped into the office at 9 am every morning.

Oh well, at least his life wasn't as bad as his colleagues, who were having a shouting match with other lawyers over the phone, having worked until 3 a.m. consecutively for the past week. How can you complain when your colleagues are having a worse time than him? But still, he felt so dissatisfied, no doubt the pay was good, but then again, should he be working purely for the sake of money?

He got another call and he picked up the phone in annoyance. "Yes, Grifter speaking, how can I help you?"

"Dude, you gotta catch the news! Right now!" James Boon, his long-time friend sounded excited for some reason.

"Look, I've got no time for this right.." "Aliens are attacking the U.S.!!"

"Wha..?" Grifter clicked on the internet to find the latest news..

"Haha! You actually believed that load of crap! Jeez! Hahaha..." James Boon bowled over in laughter. "Listen man, we're thinking of going over to the shooting range tonight, we'll be there until about 11 p.m. join us if you can alright? Ciao!"

Grifter sighed. He was good with the bow and arrow, won several competitions. Even had a personalised cross bow and long bow, displayed prominently at his home. He attempted to take up fencing and swordplay, but decided that he preferred shooting projectiles at distant targets. He had his own paintball gun, and even a rifle which shoots out rubber bullets. Illegal no doubt, but it wouldn't kill a person unless you shot him in the eye at point blank range. But still, it packed enough punch to shoot through wooden planks, and would tear muscle tissue if fired too close to a person. The things that rich boys play with.

But he had his job to do. So back to the keyboard, he typed away again, thinking of dinner as his stomach growled.


"Sir, satellite R43 hasn't reported in today sir. All attempts to reach them in the last 2 hours have failed."

Major Sternly sighed. An imposing figure, his light grey moustache around his muscular jawline giving him his nickname "Stern". He bet that Roy must be asleep or goofing off somewhere again!

"And sir.. we just received a message from the Chinese. Said their satellite picked up a message from R43 two days ago. They demand to know what a U.S. satellite is doing in their space and what does the message mean."

Sternly raised his eyebrows and felt the first sign of trouble. "Let me hear the message! Those buffoons better have a damn good reason for broadcasting it!!"


In a coal mine somewhere in Central America, workers were calling it a day as the sun set.

Suddenly there was a rumbling sound from the tunnel, and young Edwardo turned around to look. "Hey whats that? Sounds like someone's still back there!" he motioned to his buddy Holly.

Holly had a pretty hot bod for someone who worked in a mine. If you didn't mind her large biceps, that is. She was carrying an oxy-acelyn torch and removed her mask. "Well go tell em to get their butts out! This tunnel is ready to blow in half an hour!"


Blogger GodsFavDaughter said...

baby what happened to silver my dragon

11:28 AM

Blogger GodsFavDaughter said...

baby what happened to silver my dragon

11:28 AM


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