Monday, February 13, 2006

right.. sort of my real 1st day of school! hahaha...

dedication entry to a person who recently caught my attention who would've somehow been the one if not for circumstances in the natural realm. (haha.)

anyway if anyone reads this, disclaimer that it is all purely a renumeration of my thoughts and rantings, not meant for public scrutiny. seriously, if reading things on private blogs offends people, then they can have the simple choice of not reading it. duh.

anyway recently someone called me a flirt. oh man, that has got to be the joke of the year. me, a flirt? do i look like mr handsome or mr super-rich or mr sweet tongue? her comments were, to a certain degree, of how i used to be a flirt, who talk sweet words to girls, therefore any girl who likes me should be forewarned. n she told this to a person whom i actually like, who then proceeded to ask me how many other girls have i liked before, which led to me getting furious at both of them of insulting my character. i could've sued for defamation u know? hahaha..

but just to clarify matters, i don't deny the comments, the only reason why i got so angry is that someone would rather defend her friend who said such ugly comments rather than support me, so how am i supposed to believe that she likes me? maybe that i can still believe, but i won't trust her to support me anymore. its just too bad she doesn't think maturely as i would like her to.

anyway i'm typing this from a computer in the law library. u can imagine my boredom n loneliness here to resort to blogging to pass time in between class.

but still, its nice n quiet here n the coms work fine. not like my stupid com at home which keeps disconnecting from the net every few seconds last nite... but anyway this is supposed to be a dedication to someone, so let me cut to the point.

disclaimer once again, i am just writing thoughts, it does not translate to any subsequent action or consequences.

i never thought i could have that much in common with someone so much younger than me. haha, oh well, 5 years age difference is really quite a lot right? but nevertheless, similar backgrounds, schools, music interest, ministry, dress sense, etc, oh man, she would've been my dream girl. haha. but she's still just a kid so too bad. think this is the second time i mention her on my blog, first was about her chingay bravado n fearlessness n ability to withstand high amounts of pain, without a single complaint n that sweet smile still on her face. i was simply amazed. but anyway i hope she finds someone worthy of her, cos she is really a gem, totally cool, totally rocker-chick, totally into sports n ruggedness, totally smart n affluent, totally street-wise n independent, but also totally devoted to God. angelic voice suited to an angelic face, i've never seen someone look so good n yet not brag about it or use looks as a "bargaining chip" in the silly game of love. no wait, let me rephrase that. arthur is the 1st person who looked good n still maintain humility. this RGS girl is the 1st girl i know who looks good n makes no qualms about it. humility, servanthood attitude, willingness to get down to the dirty work. this is the ultimate reason why i am so impressed n impacted by her. no fear, no hesitation, no ridiculous whining or girly objections or regard for her outward appearance, she does things with a boldness n determination. yet, on reading her blog, she exposes her true self as a person with weaknesses n relies heavily on God, a girl with insecurities n secret fears n yet stil appears strong to help other people, living her life like a true Christian. if she were my sister, i'd be so proud of her. hehz...

but anyway back to class.. ciao!


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