Saturday, March 11, 2006

I enjoyed the company, if not the movie.

since u so flamboyantly and unreservedly insinuated me to dedicate another entry to you after being painfully nice and compromising today, i shall once again stand up to the occasion and fulfil your wish. hehz...

honestly, i thought the movie wasn't too bad! i mean come on, you laughed! i was laughing like crazy at certain parts, though some parts were so horrific and gross, final destination seemed like a happy tree friends cartoon, haha.. for those who want to laugh at corny, slapstick jokes, and who simply adore the oh-so-cute alysson hannigan, go catch Date Movie. oh yeah, a hot chick in it doesn't hurt too! wahahaha..

but ok, less about the movie, more about the nice little things that a young wealthy aristocrat did for me so unselfishly, you'd have to admire her for going out with some low-life like me. (ahem.)

yeah, so basically she wanted to watch Crash, some oscar winning racist/political movie with Matt Dillion in it, but by the time she called, only the first 2 rows were available, so I was like, no way, let's go PS catch another show. So there we were, at the ticketing booth pondering on what show, (ok not so much as pondering, but a little bickering and wrangling at what shows are worth watching.. but point to note is that even though she's afraid of watching horror shows, she actually didn't mind catching Dorm. one brownie point for her. Maybe I'll cancel that strike from last nite's conversation. hehz) when she finally gave in to what I wanted to watch.

Hey if you are reading this, you are displaying behaviour so radically different from what you sprouted last night, "i don't compromise, blah blah blah", but deep inside you know you're just a nice person. haha!

And as if to prove her point of how magnanimous she intended to be, she let me choose the flavour of popcorn and drink, and even allowed me to finish the whole ben n jerry's ice cream! wah haha.. (and this was were she mentioned so discreetly that perhaps it will help put her on my wonderful blog once again, haha! Hey i kept my end of the bargain alright? So i'm definitely not going to those old cinemas where the "chi kopeh" old men go to watch soft porn movies unless you pay for my facial disguise or something.)

And to wrap things up for the day, she SMSed the usual once again, i think i'll immortalise it (depending on how long the internet will last, haha) in my blog.

"I enjoyed the company, if not the movie."

Oh man, is that one of the most non-commital, non-opinionated, confusion-causing statements of all time? I bet she uses that line for all the friends she watches movies with. haha.

time to sleep. busy day tml.. 2 bible studies in a day, lunch with eunice n tuition at night.

Good night ya all..


Blogger Lena said...

ok ok.. i feel embarrassed already.. u managed to flatter me, throw sarcasm at me, compliment me, insult me that i am so unoriginal all in one breath..

first up!! i am so HONOURED you took away precious sleeping time to write a tribute to me..

second!! i did not compromise.. i thought since i had already lost when i cld not watch crash, i shall let your win be a little merrier hence i accomodated..

thirdly! pls send suggest to me another catch phrase i can use tt summarizes what i wanna say so succintly.. men.. so hard to please..

fourthly! i am off to camp.. no time to do a comprehensive analysis of rebuttals to your soliloquy..

ciao ciao.. till next time at Yantze.. no need makeup.. follow the trend.. bring an umbrella!!

10:03 AM


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