Wednesday, March 01, 2006

celebrated bro boon's birthday and titus' farewell supper!

dedicated entry to titus! the stick man of the strikeforce! hahaha...

had a wonderful time today. went to church at 10 pm to celebrate bro boon's birthday, his 32nd birthday! had a super nice cake in the shape of a snare drum, with 2 mini-toms! super funny lah.. the whole surprise plan failed! alvin promoted to emperor of the space cadets liao! hhahaha..

but the real fun began after the celebrations at church.. cos there were too many kids around anyway.. hehz.. the older ones decided to go to lau pa sat to have a supper party for titus.

n herein lies the great tragedy.. ok lah, not so bad! but something not so nice happened.. really sorry that she was told to go home. seeing the disappointed look on her face, n her tone of speech, i really identified with how she felt.. being left out of the group of friends, told to go home n sleep when it's her last day of exams! oh man.. if i were her, i'd insist on going out, who cares about what my mum says, its the end of exams, give her a break! but too bad.. sent her home n then went to join the guys at lau pa sat..

where i didn't eat much n still paid the full price for the food since everyone was chipping in.. oh well, i guess it doesn't matter. the fun's in the fellowship, not the food! let me see if i can still remember who eventually made it to esplanade for about an hour or more of crap-talk! haha!

soo huei, titus n his gf, lingling, sharlyn, jennifer, bro boon, david, sean, benedict, nic ho, alvin, colin, n darshan. yupz, all 14 of us sitting around esplanade talking crap n having fun until 2 am plus in the morning! was the bestest time i ever had with SF pple! these r really friends, whom i'm not afraid to go to war with, to stand up for, and support.

thanks God, for such wonderful friends! truly what You said in the Bible is so true! there's no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. here we are, laying our lives down for one another by simply spending precious time, catching up with old friends and fellow strikers! the bonds built over such intense late-night fellowship, is really fantastic, cannot even be put into words. we're all gonna miss titus, he's been one heck of a fun guy, yet humble n spiritual too.

bless him in his journey Lord, bless each n everyone of the strikeforce members!

in Jesus name,

in Jesus name,


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