Tuesday, March 07, 2006

what a creepy dream!

dunno what's the meaning of that super creepy dream i had 2 days ago, so realistic that i woke up from it with a fright! n it was about 4 am in the night when i woke up. had this dream, or should i say nightmare, that me n some sf pple were sleeping outdoors cos we were on the run or something.. then one by one they all left until i was alone, n i was like, trying to sleep on the concrete ground with the wind blowing n leaves rustling n all that, when i saw someone else lying on the ground along the corridor. when i went closer it was my fren fiona, the blue-eyed sf girl. so i talked with her n wondered why she was out here alone, when suddenly i looked up n saw a body hanging from the ceiling, n it was her! then i looked at her again n she turned into this corpse sadako thingy n freaked me out that i woke up!


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