Monday, August 18, 2008

Drum challenge finals, Joan's grandma's birthday, and my first morning prayer meeting!

First of all..


Man, I knew he was talented, but didn't know he was that amazingly good! His precision skills and stick tricks probably bought the judges over. Noticed that the other contestants double pedal went out of time after about 1-2 bars, whereas Chow Kiat, while he didn't really do much double pedal stuff, was in time and consistent for most of his parts, so that was pretty slick!

Bet Boon must be really proud of him, this drum prodigy who is actually a regular member of Strikeforce! Let's hear it for CK! Awesome performance, groovy chops, crazy skills and nice stick tricks! The other guy who tried to do the stick tricks didn't execute the tricks with the speed and precision as Chaokiat, so he got 2nd for his showmanship, though I think CK winning was quite obvious as he is the only drummer combining drumming skills with showmanship!

Second, happy birthday to Joan's ah ma! 84 years old and still in the pink of health, that's one hardy and happy old woman!

Thirdly, thank You God for a very refreshing morning prayer meeting! I've never woken up this early just to pray before (goodness, the last time i woke up at 6 am was during army days, n i even woke up at 6.15 am only!) and I guess it really pays off. I didn't grab the breakfast though, no time to eat n stomach feels queasy too. Dunno why my stomach is so weak in the morning. But anyway just want to thank God for an enjoyable pm, could really feel His presence and I was praying so fluently, words and thoughts and verses just poured out of my mouth, and honestly I was amazed at the Holy Spirit being able to use a weak and tired body to really pray today! Well I paid the price for waking up slightly late (if I take the MRT i would've to wake up at 5.15 am, whereas I took cab and woke up at 6.15 am! an hour of precious sleep!! hahaaha) but it was ok, around $11 for the cabfare.

Thinking of where to go for lunch later..


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