Friday, November 14, 2008

oh how pple change when they grow up..

interesting arguement on facebook between some pri sch friends.. can't cut n paste everything here, but its basically like this

DG - invites everyone to his place at orchard for a christmas party BBQ, said $30 per person, ask if everyone is ok with the idea

Me- i said i don't mind but $30 for BBQ per person is a little expensive, i mean if 15 pple turn up then there'll be $450, which is quite ridiculous for a BBQ right?

DG - got offended n ask me don't be so cheapskate, as if $30 is a lot of money to me

LS - told everyone that DG's party is not exclusive for pri sch friends, other pple r invited as well

J - then its not exclusive to us, not so keen liao

YY - if its not exclusive to us, won't we be intruding on another party, y not have our own event

DG - got offended n say everyone is unappreciative of his offer

everyone else in the discussion - tell him to relax, we're just talking things out n discussing, nobody is saying we don't appreciate his offer

DG - still offended, saying everyone is being so negative, its not healthy to continue the discussion

everyone else - relax lah don't get angry, blah blah..

DG - still offended.

Now doesn't it sound ridiculous? Obviously I felt like telling him how childish n petty he is, we're not saying his idea is bad or criticising his party, we're just saying what we would prefer. I thought oh man, this guy has become such an egotistic, petty person, cannot take criticism or comments from others. so annoying! i can just organise another gathering at my own place on the same day with no problems from the rest of the classmates even if they choose not to turn up, it doesn't bother me.

Isn't he missing the point? doing something to be appreciated by others, to show off his house n his grand party?

I don't really care about the place or is it in town or how grand it is or how nice the food is. whats most important is the fellowship, the friends, the pple you grew up with isn't it?

we can be eating at newton hawker center for all i care. the conversation will still be great, catching up on old times, sharing our lives n stuff.

Its not a time for egomaniacs to strut their stuff n show how "successful" they are in life, living life in the fast lane, with car, big gold chain n dress like some towkay! he needs some lessons in humility and the value of friendship. LOL!


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