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End of Days 12 - The Army of God strikes!

While the various teams and players in the final game of mankind struggled to survive and fight on, the evil one plotted and schemed against all of them, sending out minions by the thousands onto the earth, giant monstrous lizard-like creatures, enormous pit-bulls that breathed fire, and he pondered.. should he finally release the Half-breeds? They were.. difficult to control.. no, not difficult, but almost beyond even his control. Locked in the depths of hell by the original angel of worship himself, the Half-breeds were his creations who turned out to be extremely powerful allies, but then turned against him and everyone and everything, becoming savage warmachines who lived only for death and destruction, knowing neither friend nor foe, killing allies and enemies alike. They had been imprisoned not by him, but by the One above. Yet he had the key to release them.

"Hahaha.." He laughed in a sinister low voice. "Sometimes I really wonder why is it You make those decisions that You always do.. When will You learn, that humans will never learn to come to You? When will You finally let us return to our normal form?? I will destroy them before Your eyes! I will show You how weak they are!! They are WEAK and will be DESTROYED!!"


After some fighting and adrenaline pumping events, the teams finally returned to the base at the titanium clad fortress. Samuel Wolfwood and Vash the Grifter saw each other and a smile formed on their battle-weary faces. Rachel and Destiny ran out to greet them, only to be shocked by the number of casualties and injured that they had brought in. The 2 teams Alpha and Beta had returned from their escapades and brought back more than just supplies. More than a hundred civilians were brought back, either in vechicles, or running behind the armoured vehicles. Those who were still relatively uninjured were running out of breath and fell to the ground, collasping at the sight of their salvation and safe haven. They gave shouts of joy, thanking God for the place where they would finally be safe from the monstrousities. At least, for the moment, they could rest without worrying about flesh eating monsters, raging fires, exploding gas lines and other hazards.

"Alright!" Vash cried out. "Gather the fighters! We're gonna sweep out this city!"

Swen asked him, "What'd you mean? What are we gonnna do?"

"Its time we let them know who they're dealing with! Thats what he means!!" Bourne hoisted his Big Fat Gun and reloaded.

The rest of the team quickly assembled, leaving Pst Charmaine to arrange for the care of the wounded. Strong looking men were quickly chosen from the civilians to take over the defence of the church while the remaining fighters took up their positions for an all out attack at the monsters that threatened to overrun and destroy the once-beautiful and peaceful island of Singapore!

"Team Alpha!!" yelled Vash. The hit-and-run supply squad who had already faced off against a couple of giant godzilla-like creatures assembled.

"Yeah! All here and reloaded!!" Turtle Teo, Swen King, Bourne Kiatz, Kenneth Watanabe, Clarence Coleman, and Yangshuo stood in their machines or vechicles, armed to the teeth.

"Team Beta!!" yelled Samuel. The rescue squad who had picked up several more fighters along their missions, quickly fell into position.

"We're here and ready to rock!!" Jeremiah, George, Shilpa, Mikki, Small Ken, Gloria the Sniper, Jiacholate, Jordan, and Shashi quickly gulped down some refreshing drinks and prepared to head out once again.

"Team Omega.. I need you guys to be my backup, so Destiny, you'll lead this team." Vash announced. Destiny shot him a look of uneasiness, which was met by a confident grin by Vash. In his heart he thought: you can do it. Trust in what God can do through you.

"Yup, lock and load!" Lionhartz, Shawn, Renee and Meryl were agreeable to Destiny's leadership.

But just as they were about to strategize their attack, "honk honk!!" a bus horn honked, and a voice cried out from the gate. "We're here to help!! Open up the gates!!"

Vash and Samuel glanced at the gate to their pleasant surprise!

Aileen, Ivan, Miranda and a about 6 of their members had somehow managed to band together in the midst of the chaos and miraculously pulled through the disaster and made their way to the church! They poured out of the damaged school bus, dressed in battle gear and carrying small arms of pistols and knives. Not bad for a bunch of novices, Vash thought.

"Can we fight too?" A sharp shrill voice asked, and Vash had to shiver in annoyance, but in his heart he knew he was all too eager to enlist more soldiers in the battle.

Michelle "Mad" Fong, Aparna, Christine Qingni emerged from the staircase closest to the gate. Clearly though not battle-hardened as the rest, these girls wanted a part to play in the fight too.

Samuel turned to Vash, "Well, isn't this an interesting turn of events.. But we need the guys to get into the fight as well! Where's the commandos or Naval Divers who're supposed to be so tough? Haha.."

"Didn't even hear us coming did you? Leaders ought to be more alert."

Samuel turned around and drew his magnum, only to have a silenced USP stare at him point blank in the face. But it was no enemy who held the stealthy weapon.

"Faji 'the muscle man' Rambo! Edwin! Charles Chow! KK (Kenneth Kwok)!!" Samuel exclaimed in utter surprise.

The 4 muscular men were draped head to toe in dark camo jungle uniform, and had actually came out from the smoke and debris, parked their armoured buggy in a corner, jumping over the electrified fence and walked in totally unnoticed by anyone! That's stealth for you!

KK spoke in a serious tone. "There were more of us... a few of our comrades perished on the way here.. but we're here to pass you a message from General Kevin. He said he would begin to lauch a full scale assault all the way from Bukit Timah in the army bases, all the way until he reaches the church, and hopes that you and your fighting force would join him in eliminating all threats to the nation. We are assisted by Colonel Jaric of the 42nd Armoured Division and Captain Daryl of the airforce who are waiting for the signal to begin the assault.. General kevin has already begun his advance at 1500 hours.. That's about half an hour ago. What is your reply sir?"

Vash grinned. A friend in need is a friend indeed, he thought. "Tell him, we'll meet him in a while, and we'll be bringing lots of backup should he need any."

The 4 commandoes' faces lit up as KK, the communications officer, quickly relayed the message back to his military commander. Rambo Faji said, " And while we're here, we might as well fight alongside you. It'll be an honour to fight beside the Knights of the Royal Priesthood leaders."

Vash raised an eyebrow. "You.. know about that?"

Rambo Faji grinned. "guess you guys aren't covert as you'd like to believe."

"Yup, you guys certainly don't greet new members of the KOPR like we expected." A suave tall gentleman with a stocky friend stood beside him, apparently having emerged from the pool of civilians in the basement.

Vash almost couldn't believe his eyes. His old CS gaming buddy and choir member Lewis Ichigo, and fellowship KORP leader who went missing in a mission 2 years ago, Jeffrey! Vash and Lewis gave each other a hug and Vash handed over a sleek H&K sniper rifle to him. He knew if Lewis liked to shoot, this'd be the gun for him. Jeffrey, the one person he would count to to save his @$$ whenever his overconfidence or laziness caused him to fumble, once more, seemed to show up just in time to save him once again! Jeff merely nodded his head slightly, and picked up a bulky machine gun to his liking from the stack of weapons in the corner. A man of few words, he prefered to let the bullets do the talking.

This amounted to a surprising large figure of 40 warriors. From break dancers to lawyers to commados to rouge scientists to school teachers to aviation engineers, this was indeed the most rag-tag bunch of fighters a leader could have, and Vash was proud of them. He jumped onto the shoulder of Samuel's Mechwarrior and signalled him to make the machine stand.

With a "whhrrr!!", "vvvrrroooom!!" and a few clicks of machinery, the small army of warriors prepared their Mechwarriors, fighting vehicles, Dead-Reckoning, armoured cars, motorbikes, and other equipment.

"Let's go."


Some miles across the country, Colonel Jaric and General Kevin were viewing the battle from a Black Hawk, as their battalion of tanks rolled over throngs of zombies and blasted others to oblivion. As soon as a stronghold was secured, 5-toners rolled in with hundred of troops, who quickly barricaded and strengthened the defences of the area, before sweeping into the buildings and killing the remaining monsters in a clean-sweep operation. A little further down in front of the tanks, the 4 Apache helicopters were dealing massive damage to the landscape, while taking down the giant lizards. The flying tanks were too high in the sky above the reach of the leathery monsters, and rained missiles and bullets on the loathesome creaturs.

"Sir, Captain Daryl reports that the latest air strike at a nucleus of activity has been successful."

Still, in the midst of the reports of victories, General Kevin was getting a little nervous. More and more of those "nucleus of activity" had been springing up. These were little more than places where large numbers of giant lizards had been spotted, seeming to just emerge from the ground! Of late, fire-breathing hell hounds, the size of tigers have been reported to be running wild through the devastation as well, not to mention larger, stronger zombies which have learnt to weld primitive weapons like knives and axes. He had already lost about 15 men out of his 500. A small number no doubt, but every man was needed to win this war. He flicked his pen and started to write more instructions and combat strategies... the latest news that the KORPs had been roped into the fight had been a relief of sorts, giving him reason to form the hint of a smile, but he had the uneasy feeling that things were about to get much worse...

All hell was about to break lose.


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very imaginative..

one minute i thought it was star wars, then lord of the rings, then harry potter, then constantine with half breeds, the suddenly i was brought to sunny singapore..

then got church somemore.. u forgot the pastor blessing us all before a major battle.. then a bit like having a cell group meeting.. i was brought macro n micro into your storyline..


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