Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Smack in the middle of the month of Jan n i'm running out of cash already..

I can't believe my rate of spending.. I think I have roughly a little over $300 to last me for the rest of the month! I started out with $1650 at the beginning of the month, how did it get used up so fast? Let me do a quick calculation of my expediture for Jan up till today.. This is a little too scary!

Tithe = $165
Offerings = $30
EZ link = $40
Taxi = $60+
Movie = $14
VCD = $20
Shopping for clothes = $20+
Building fund = $400
Food = $160+
Repay YQ = $200
Paintball = $60+
CG Fund = $10

Total adds up to about $1180. But considerin I only have around $350 left, I still have not account for about $100.. I really must watch my spending, especially on cab and food! No more paintball for the next few months! That is a really expensive game.


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