Thursday, March 30, 2006

Interesting day, to say the least!

Dear God,

Its been a really interesting day today. Didn't really begin the day well, forgive me for a lousy morning, but as the day went on, it just got better and better. Hehz. I really need You to help me with my Biomedical assignment, I just don't know where to start. Seems to be the main problem with me.. In many areas of my life, I just sort of stumbled and can't seem to get started. My walk with God, my school work, my ministry and dreams...

But then, You are a God of new beginnings. Every step I take, is a step of faith. The substance of things hoped for, things unseen.

Anyway had a great day today, meeting up with Yixing, Tenny, Beng while in school.

Then had a wonderful dinner with Christine. Oh wow, i can't believe that even now, whenever i meet her i can't help but wonder how beautiful she is and yet how down to earth and friendly and sweet she can be! She's really one of the first girls i met who is pretty and yet doesn't really use her looks to her advantage, or rather use her looks to take advantage of guys. she doesn't hang out with good looking guys or try to be vain (in fact she decided to stop wearing contacts and wore glasses today! haha) but just be who she is. caught up with a lot of issues, with mutual friends, about working life and about a million things. then went window shopping.. actually could tell that both of us weren't really interested in shopping, but rather catching up on each other's lives.. the last time we met was in December! Can't imagine she used to be one of my best buddies.. we used to go clubbing together almost every weekend while i was in NS.. but now i hardly get to see her. She's attached and working full time, i'm busy with church and studies and evangelism and all that.. God i really pray she comes to Christ soon! she'd make a great leader for You. let me be the one who reaches out to her, don't ever let me forget that she is a good friend i can trust.

Then after that, she actually joined me while i played CS and warcraft with yongqiang, lewis and yangshuo! haha! had a totally fun time with them, its been MONTHS since i last had an outing with friends to go gaming! and not just normal friends too, but close friends!

God, this is how it should be. a group of close friends enjoying each other's company while having good clean fun. this is how cell group members should be!

Lewis is my ex-cg member, n has been a good friend to me for about 4-5 years i think. same passion for Christ, passion for music and singing, passion for guns and games! hahaha... Thank You for putting such a friend into my life. pls ease his heart and let him forgive himself, and forget the past, and all the sad things that has happened, God, encourage him to move on! Let the past not bother him, and let him be free to trust and love again.

Yangshuo hasn't been around in church for sometime. i still remember the time where he represented China while singing Crossing Over at the indoor stadium! i pray that he comes this weekend, that he remembers those precious moments when You touched his heart to the very core, where he cried tears of passion for You.

Even for myself, its been such a long time since i last really worshipped You for a good couple of hours, without distractions, without worry and without thinking about other things..

Oh yes, Janice also apologised for her behaviour this morning, even as i apologised for being a little harsh on her.. she msged me that she still love me the most as her daddy.. oh God i almost cried when i read that. Nothing beats getting such a sms from a friend, knowing that you've impacted someone's life. God i wonder is that how You feel when i tell You that i still love You the most? Do You cry tears of joy whenever i put away my sin and repent and say that inspite of all things, all I need is You, all i want is You?

It is trust.. A father's love for a child is one of the mysteries of the world. Your love for me is something that cannot be understood, but can only be accepted and experienced... thank You God. for trusting me time and time again, as i hurt You and betray You and sin. thank You for forgiving me, for giving me new hope!

I love You, all of my hope is in You.
Jesus Christ take my life, take all of me.

In Your name i pray,


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