Sunday, January 20, 2008

cloverfield.. i'd rather watch garfield.

what is up with the stream of sucky movies in 2008? i haven't seen a decent film so far!

why cloverfield sucks:

1. imagine blair witch project meets godzilla.

2. no storyline, just pple running around for their lives.

3. one guy risks his life and his friends' lives cos he wants to rescue his ex-gf. why??

4. guy holding the camera runs with the camera through 1.5 hours of the show with explosions and crashing buildings and pple dying, but the camera is unaffected!

5. girl with an iron rod pierced through her shoulder can still be alive and walk around with her friends, with NO BLEEDING from the wound. (this iron road is about half an inch thick and goes through her shoulder.)

6. monsters look like rip off from starship troopers

7. they sound like zerglings from starcraft

8. monsters only eat selective humans (i.e. not the main couple in the show)

9. the movie is incredibly low budget as the first half hour is a video camera showing scenes from a party and americans acting stupid

10. you will vomit if you have motion sickness.

i rest my case.


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