Thursday, April 28, 2005

mere minutes before my exam.. need Your wisdom n guidance!

Dear God,

just another 10 min before i had to sch for my final exam.. i have a bad feeling about this one, but still just going to do my best n hope it comes out ok.. i really didn't do much for this module, so i'm just hoping for a C grade.. nothing more..

later going shopping for mikki's birthday presents with joan. getting the cg one for her plus a personal one from me n joan, hehz.. not really looking fwd to hols this year cos i'm going back to army! wah.. thats so annoying. what a total waste of my time. n its so unfair everyone gets 2 years off, while i have to finish the whole 2.5 years.. haiz.

Lord, sorry for the sins i committed, losing my temper n all that..its jus tat i'm so stressed this time round.. help me to really concentrate for the exam, to answer 3 questions in 2.5 hours is like, 45 min per question, after minusing the 5 min reading time, left only around less than 40 min per question! haiz...

but anyway looking fwd to a good time later at the movies, dun really want to think about exam once this is over..

In Jesus name i pray,


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