Wednesday, April 06, 2005

trying out stuff

Baby don't go.. Don't go.. How can I wake up tomorrow?

It breaks my heart.. If you don't love me no more...

You never know how much a person means to you until the person goes away...

jus trying out some stuff.. hopefully i can write more interesting stuff with nicer fonts n pictures.. still no idea how to add music to my blog, haha..

How do i let her know that i wait for her each night, by the computer, waiting for her to come online, jus so i can chat with her... even though she likes another n i know we can't possibly be together, i can't help but want to talk to her.. to laugh with her, go thru life with her. but she doesn't have a clue... she doesn't know at all.

eh how come the fonts r so limited.. hahaha..
to have loved n lost is better not to have loved at all - i don't think so!! hahaha


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