Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Lovesick guy

Dear Lord,

i really dunno why i can't stop thinking bout her!

hahaha.. i know its not a funny matter, but i'm really quite amused by this whole thing.. i mean, she's like a little sister, i know that we can't ever be together, yet i still think about it.. like courting disaster, or flirting with danger.

i guess i hardly know her n vice versa so whatever i like about her is merely an outward attraction.. but its amazing the way i'll log on hoping tat she'll be online, jus so i can chat casually with her..

but honestly, aside from Strikeforce stuff, we don't really have that much in common.

n i can't picture us together at all! hahah! zero, zip, nothing.

i dunno who else i can tell, so i come to You Lord.

i guess i won't question why i feel tempted n stuff like tat, but what i can do is to ask You to help me concentrate on what's important to me!

i know i have needs that need to be met.. emotional, physical, psychological, affection, etc.. God, i pray that these needs are satisfied in You alone for now, cos i am still on vow, i don't wish to keep yearning for the forbidden fruit of a love-relationship with someone whom i know isn't right for me, at least not now.

haha jus listening to love songs jus get me in the mood liao.. i'm jus a sensitive emotional person. honestly, although pple may think thats like so not-guy, i don't really care. i'd rather be who i am, than try to be someone i'm not.

i think You know exactly how i feel n what i can do to deal with it.

Forgive me Lord for i've sinned wilfully yet again..

In Jesus name


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